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Patteeu Memorial Political Forum>Growing list of vaccine mandates
RodeoPants2 02:33 PM 08-11-2021
The list of vaccine mandates are growing, which is outstanding. Vaccines are the way we beat this bug, and I love that there is a growing list companies requiring the vax for their customers, and companies & government are requiring the vax for their employees.

I'm sure this is a partial list, so far the vax is mandated for:
Employees at: Disney, walmart, facebook, google, spirit airlines, united airlines, cicso, doordash

For teachers in CA (fuck the teacher's unions who opposed this)

State workers in OR, WA

All members of the armed forces.

There are also numerous businesses (including several cruise lines) requiring their customers & staff be vaccinated, and you can actually search in Yelp specifically for that.

Bring 'em on. As the delta variant rises, we beat this bug with vaccines. Selfish idiots not willing to do their part can stay home.
BleedingRed 08:00 AM 11-29-2021
Originally Posted by RodeoPants2:
We all know that’s all you can muster the courage to do. I’ll go ahead and be the one to say it.
Donger 11:45 AM 11-29-2021
Originally Posted by BleedingRed:
He thinks masks stopped the flu........ Holy shit his brain washing is complete
More like this, actually:

On top of mask wearing, social distancing, and handwashing, Schaffner noted, most international travel was halted and many countries closed schools, keeping children—“the great engine of the distribution of influenza virus”—at home and away from each other.

“It’s impossible to tease out which of those had the biggest effect,” epidemiologist Alicia Budd, MPH, of the CDC’s Influenza Division, said in an interview.

Donger 11:47 AM 11-29-2021
Originally Posted by mlyonsd:
So are you getting a flu shot or continue on being a hypocritical POS?
No, I'm not. And there's no hypocrisy.
Donger 11:50 AM 11-29-2021
Originally Posted by Bowser:
I'm happy that my decedents can hear the full truth about the Red Death and its associated jabs when they in 2076 about how they really did **** up the PCR tests and called the flu Chinese Aids, but didn't want to own their mistake so they just ran with it. Then the whole wealth redistribution angle, but that's another thread.
MahomesMagic 01:50 PM 11-29-2021
Mandate? What mandate?

Hearing from people in multiple industries that companies have basically already given up on forcing employee vaccinations. Also, an update on the Xi (I mean Omicron, silly me!) variant.

Robin Williams famously joked that when British police (who are mostly unarmed) see a criminal running away, they yell:



“Or I’ll stay stop again!”

Something similar seems to be happening with big companies in the wake of the 5th Circuit’s stay of the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate requirement. I have now heard from several people that they have either submitted requests for exemptions and heard nothing back or been given helpful advice on how to be approved. Others have simply ignored their employers’ deadlines and faced no penalties.

With discontent over the mandate high and rising, the job market tight, and a good chance the Supreme Court will strike down the Biden rule before it ever takes effect, the fact employers are slow-walking enforcement shouldn’t surprise anyone. The mess over boosters only makes matters worse. Companies will surely not want to be in the position of having this fight with employees every six months.

The failure of the mandates is obvious in the data around first-time vaccinations - even their imminent arrival could not raise the levels of first doses in the United States to more than about 500,000 a day on average. And they are starting to slide again.

This chart is even grimmer than it appears for vaccine fanatics, though. The great vaccination push took place February through May.

But with mRNA vaccines falling to near-zero efficacy against infection six months after the second dose, the United States is now likely moving away from vaccine-generated herd immunity. Lockdowns are off the table, so we will have to get there the old-fashioned way, with natural infection and recovery. (Assuming the vaccines don’t interfere with that process, an open question.)

Of course, if the health authoritarians can scare the scareable into getting boosters, they can hold off the inevitable for maybe four months or so. That delay will take us through the winter, just long enough to avoid really hideous year-over-year comparisons that will make even the most doe-eyed wonder exactly what any of this has been for.

Ladeees and yentlemen, I give you Omicron!
BleedingRed 01:53 PM 11-29-2021

GloryDayz 02:02 PM 11-29-2021
Originally Posted by BleedingRed:
Fuck you, the 2nd shot is a booster!


MahomesMagic 07:20 PM 12-02-2021

NEW: Cleveland Clinic suspends vaccine mandate after staff protests, cite federal injunction:

— Raheem J. Kassam (@RaheemKassam) December 2, 2021

MahomesMagic 05:53 AM 12-03-2021
Check out this Corona Cult member...

IRELAND - Bat shit crazy bird shows you how to ‘normalise’ sticking cotton buds up a baby’s nose, so they get used to testing.

And the presenters just nod and smile like this isn’t bat shit crazy.

Stop appeasing batshitness (technical term)#COVID19

— Bernie's Tweets (@BernieSpofforth) December 2, 2021

Bowser 10:45 AM 12-03-2021
"The New Normal"

Just Passin' By 11:14 AM 12-04-2021
The following is on one of those news site updated crawler type pages, so it won't stay easy to find for long.

Originally Posted by :
Covid passports have no impact on infections: Spanish experts’ report

By James Badcock in Madrid

Experts from Spain’s inter-regional Covid committee have concluded that Covid passports are ineffective in terms of reducing infection, and may even be sending out the dangerous message that being vaccinated means a person cannot spread the virus.

According to an internal report seen by the newspaper El País, the experts say that the experience in other European countries demonstrates that the use of passports to gain access to bars and other leisure facilities is not reducing levels of transmission.

“In European countries where [the system] is being used, cases are rising significantly, although it is true that their level of vaccination is much lower than in Spain,” the report reads.

In the case of Spain, where more than 90 per cent of the target population has been vaccinated, the report says the impact of Covid passports would be negligible, and warns that it may contribute to a false impression that vaccinated people do not get infected. Eight of Spain’s 17 regions are now using the system in some form.

“We know that around 40 per cent of those vaccinated are susceptible to infection and transmitting the infection,” the report says.

The only benefits the experts see in a passport system is that it warns people that there is still danger from the pandemic and encourages vaccination uptake among the reticent.

Covid passports have no impact on infections: Spanish experts’ report

By James Badcock in Madrid

BucEyedPea 11:21 AM 12-06-2021
Mandates Have Consequences – Leesburg Virginia Finds Out The Police Were Not Bluffing, Now Facing a Shortage of Officers
GloryDayz 09:50 AM 12-13-2021
Originally Posted by BucEyedPea:
Mandates Have Consequences – Leesburg Virginia Finds Out The Police Were Not Bluffing, Now Facing a Shortage of Officers
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