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Hall of Classics>Damn This Angers Me!!
Clint in Wichita 04:49 PM 06-28-2001
It shouldn't, and I shouldn't even post this, but I took a glance at it and almost vomited.
The Bad Guy 04:57 PM 06-28-2001
I don't know what angers me more, the stupid site made by a supposid Chiefs fan, or Grbac laughing walking off the field with Gannon after we were outsted from making the playoffs.

It's one thing to be a really big fan of someone, it's another thing to be obsessed. I think Denise crossed that obsession line long long ago.
morphius 05:04 PM 06-28-2001
Clint - Tends to be more annoying then our lack of hot cheerleaders.
tommykat 05:08 PM 06-28-2001
This was done by a Chiefs fan??? Makes one wonder with the Grubash smile if it wasn't a fixed game??? :-)
BIG_DADDY 05:22 PM 06-28-2001
Denise the weasle is not a a Chiefs fan in my book. Guhrbacs smile makes me want to kick him in his box.
KS Smitty 05:27 PM 06-28-2001
What a disgusting webpage. I liked Gannon as a Chief but he's like the others...when he left I lost interest. I guess my "problem" is that I'm a CHIEFS fan not a football fan. That's what I love about this BB it informs me of the new players that I could have cared less about before they became a Chief.

Out of the closet:-)
Zebedee DuBois 05:29 PM 06-28-2001
...sorry 'bout yer shoes.
DaWolf 05:36 PM 06-28-2001
I also was wondering why he was laughing there. I figured they were friends and I think one of them had a baby recently so they were discussing that or something, but I would have personally saved that stuff for later and been pissed there. But to each his own.

The sad part about that game was that if Pressure Pete just makes that simple field goal, all the myths about Gannon being a winner (he would have regressed the Raiders to 7-9) and Grbac being a loser (he would have won the division and hosted a playoff game) and Grbac not being able to deliver in an important game would have evaporated. And a Raider loss may have cost Gruden his job, depending on how Alice Davis felt after the game.

Damn kickers. They have screwed with the fate of this franchise so much...
the head 05:54 PM 06-28-2001
Can some one say cyber stalking denise took tha page a little far for a chiefs fan .She is a chiefs fan? Gannon & Grbackup no longer wear red&gold so oh well.:confused:
Cannibal 06:53 PM 06-28-2001
"but I took a glance at it and almost vomited"

I laughed my *** off at that comment.

She wants to hum on Gannon's sack, swallow his goo, lick his sphincter, and eat the dook out of his poop chute.

That stinkin "who er" is the most obsessed broad I've ever seen. What a dunce! I'd be ashamed of myself if I was so obsessed with a "celebrity".
Cannibal 07:00 PM 06-28-2001
I thought this dimwit was "just a Gannon and Chiefs fan", not a fan of the Raiders...
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Skip Towne 07:05 PM 06-28-2001
Da Wolf - You are so right about kickers screwing with our R&G. In fairness,we have had our share of great kickers in Stenerud, Lowery, and to a lesser extent, Stoyo. In these days of parity, three points looks mighty big sometimes. I need to get Proctor to check the last few years to see where three points would have turned games & even seasons. I don't have stats for that. But I do know the Chiefs passed a potentially great kicker in this past draft, the little brother of Martin Gramatica.I have heard that he is even better than Martin to which I can only say "WHEW"!!!!! I believe he was still available in the third round & maybe even later. Parity has made NFL games even closer than they were in the past. Great kickers last a long time & are very hard to find. The faders seem to recognize this as they took one with a 1st rounder.
Cannibal 07:10 PM 06-28-2001
They also passed on Martin Grammatica himself.

Guess who they got instead?

Mike Cloud who should've been cut last year, and Gary Stills of NFL Europe fame.
Cannibal 07:16 PM 06-28-2001
Bill Grammatica is overrated IMO.

He's getting over because he's Martin's brother.

His field goal percentage was very average last year.
aturnis 01:22 AM 06-29-2001
Found at the bottom of the page.....

"The Raiders have nominated the 1/2/00 game one of their 'Raiders Greatest Moments.' "

The Raiders beating the Chiefs is such a rarity that they add their wins over us into the greatest moments archives EVERY time, they are pathetic!!!
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