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The Meltdown Lounge>Fred Warner gets paid
Superturtle 12:06 PM 07-21-2021

Fred Warner's five-year, $95M extension makes him for now the highest paid ILB in NFL history (surpassing Bobby Wagner at $18M/year).

He's never missed a game, played 95% of the team's snaps, excels in pass coverage and quarterbacks their defense.

An elite player in his prime.

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) July 21, 2021

staylor26 09:59 AM 07-23-2021
Originally Posted by RunKC:
I would say 2018 is more common than the outlier. Looking back on many class the last 7 years you see the drop off from early 2nd rd on.

2019 appears to be an outlier simply bc of the insane WR class. Brown, Metcalf and Hardman really bolstered the strength of that 2nd rd. But bad drafts like 2013 had that too with Kelce and Bahktiari as 3rd rd picks.

Veach just had a bad draft. Shit happens and nobody is perfect. We’re still paying for the Speaks miss at DE but this is common for every single team.

That’s what makes winning in the NFL so hard
2019 AND 2017 were MUCH better outside of the 1st round, and it’s not even really close.

That list I came up with is far longer and better than the list that you two provided for 2018.

It’s ok to say that Veach could’ve done better while also acknowledging that the talent pool wasn’t very good.
Pitt Gorilla 10:16 AM 07-23-2021
Originally Posted by RealSNR:
Read the post and try again.
Being "lucky" enough to take the most physically gifted receiver in the draft is akin to picking "the correct lottery numbers"?
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