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The Lounge>Berry missed today's practice, back to Day-To-Day. Also Dorian O'Daniel Note
JakeF 03:10 PM 01-09-2019
Eric Berry misses Wednesday practice, in question for Saturday’s divisional

Guess who’s day to day again.

By Pete Sweeney Jan 9, 2019, 2:10pm CST

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry is not practicing Wednesday, the second day of work as the team prepares to take on the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday afternoon in the AFC’s divisional round.

Berry missed practice on Friday, December 28, before he was eventually held out of the Chiefs’ final game of the season against the Oakland Raiders. Berry practiced limitedly to start this week on Tuesday, which many felt was a good sign, but he could not participate on Wednesday as he deals with his lingering heel injury.

“It’s difficult from the standpoint of he’s a real critical part of our team,” defensive coordinator Bob Sutton said when asked about the uncertainty surrounding the three-time All-Pro. “He’s an outstanding player. He’s one of our true leaders, the guys rally around him, so I think that part is always hard. You get caught up in different things in the season. But also, if you stick back for a second, you say, ‘Man, this is really hard on this guy, too, as a player. This is something he loves to do. He’s been really good at it, and as difficult as it is on us as a defensive unit or us as a team, I think for him, it’s really challenging.’

“So it’s just what it is. There’s not a lot you can do about it, and every week we’ve got our fingers crossed and hope that he can make it back and go. It’s truly—I know you guys get tired of hearing this—it really is a day to day to day thing here right now, the way it’s playing out. You just got to stay in there and go and figure out how to get other guys ready in case he can’t go.”

Berry was originally held out of the Chiefs’ first 13 games with what the team described as a sore heel, though reports, which have never been confirmed (nor denied) said Berry has what is called a “Haglund’s deformity.”

Berry eventually returned to the lineup to play 30 snaps Week 15 against the Los Angeles Chargers and played 69 snaps Week 16 against the Seattle Seahawks before what has appeared to be some sort of setback.

Sutton was asked Wednesday about who would replace Berry and linebacker Dorian O’Daniel, who hasn’t practiced at all this week, if they couldn’t play against the Colts.

Without Berry in a must-win game against the Raiders when it came to playoff home-field advantage, the safety snap count breakdown was as follows: Daniel Sorensen (63), Eric Murray (33), Jordan Lucas (32) and Ron Parker (6).

In the above breakdown, it is important to note that Sorensen and Lucas earned the start. Lucas suffered a stinger, and the Chiefs eventually removed starters in a 35-3 blowout.

It remains to be seen who the Chiefs start against the Colts if Berry cannot play once again.

A note on Dorian O’Daniel

#Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub on LB Dorian O’Daniel, who has missed two practices this week: “He’s a four-phase starter for us. He’s an important guy, so we’re keeping an eye on that one, pretty close.”

“I wouldn’t tell you,” he initially said with a smile. “We have to work guys in, obviously, and just see where guys are. The one good thing is you’re at the point of the season where if you do have to miss some reps and you get better toward to the end of the week, this is probably the time to do it. We just have to kind of roll guys through, which we try to do, anyway, but when you have a guy in question, you have to say, ‘OK,’ because that usually affects somebody else.

“Sometimes that affects special teams ... It’s going to affect Dave (Toub) and what he’s putting together, so you got to kind of stay on top of that as a total staff, too. But we just got to slide and we’ve got some different options, but we kind of have to wait and see where it’s at.”
Showtime 11:56 AM 01-10-2019

Sammy Watkins was at Chiefs practice today.

Eric Berry was not.

Dorian O’Daniel was at practice, but not participating

— Brooke Pryor (@bepryor) January 10, 2019

Chiefnj2 11:57 AM 01-10-2019
Originally Posted by ChiefsandO'sfan:
I guess he took Spirit Air somewhere warm.
siberian khatru 12:01 PM 01-10-2019

What was your favorite memory of Eric Berry with the Chiefs? I'm not sure whether I'm serious.

— Sam Mellinger (@mellinger) January 10, 2019

Detoxing 12:01 PM 01-10-2019
Everyone calm down. They're saving him for the offseason.
Superturtle 12:02 PM 01-10-2019
That seems a bit odd.
dlphg9 12:03 PM 01-10-2019
Probably having surgery
TambaBerry 12:05 PM 01-10-2019
Originally Posted by UChieffyBugger:
SMH it's almost as if some folks don't look at these players as HUMAN BEINGS!!!...just like the "good old days" :-)
you mean its almost like every company in the god damn world? Doesnt matter skin color at all. What do you think would happen at my job if I came to work and told my boss, i jsut dont have the spirit to play today.
[Reply] 12:06 PM 01-10-2019
Maybe one of the big national media guys will pick up on it and give us something? Local guys haven't done much.
In58men 12:07 PM 01-10-2019
Like, he didn’t show up at all?
KCFalcon59 12:15 PM 01-10-2019
Berry is getting paid to play football. Not to sit on the sidelines and wait for his spirit to tell him to play. I love Berry. I wish he was playing, but this shit is a total clusterfuck.

At his rate of pay, he should have done whatever it takes to get on the field as soon as possible. He isn't doing that.

Cut him today if he isn't going to play the rest of the year. There is a higher probability that we don't see him play again in a Chiefs game than to see him this weekend or the rest of the playoffs.
Jerok 12:15 PM 01-10-2019
He's at a retreat getting his spirit ready
ptlyon 12:18 PM 01-10-2019
Originally Posted by In58men:
Like, he didn’t show up at all?
Like, No
ChiefBlueCFC 12:18 PM 01-10-2019
Really at this point, Berry should just have the surgery.
staylor26 12:18 PM 01-10-2019
Of course it has to be bittersweet with Watkins possibly coming back and Berry being out again.

God forbid we receive overwhelmingly positive news going into a playoff game.
UChieffyBugger 12:20 PM 01-10-2019
Originally Posted by TambaBerry:
you mean its almost like every company in the god damn world? Doesnt matter skin color at all. What do you think would happen at my job if I came to work and told my boss, i jsut dont have the spirit to play today.
If folks want him cut then that's their business. But to suggest he should be used "until he snaps" and then "thrown in the trash" is straight gutter talk to me. They don't look at these players as humans imo, they are there to entertain and then thrown away like garbage. It's pitiful and much of the fans "love" for these players is fake as f#ck :-)
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