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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Offseason additions outside of the draft 02:16 PM 12-21-2018
Not a good thread for the lounge yet, still some season to go but thought it would be an interesting idea here.

Yeah, we have the draft and free agency but one place you can make some hay is trading picks for guys on other teams obviously. But more directly, from teams that have decided to blow up the coaching staff and front office and make system changes. So guys that maybe don't necessarily fit the new style of defense or what not.

It looks like the Cardinals and the Jets are going full on meltdown rebuild. The 9ers may fire their DC and make some changes there.

Who is everyone looking at in these situations, player wise?

One big name for me from the Jets would be Leonard Williams. High pick that's maybe underwhelmed a bit that would be a great fit here.
[Reply] 01:29 PM 01-06-2019
I’d take Phillips too
[Reply] 03:43 PM 01-06-2019
If the eagles let Kelce go I’d bring him in to play center
Chargem 04:11 PM 01-06-2019
Originally Posted by
If the eagles let Kelce go Id bring him in to play center
It would be nice, but there's just no money for it unless you're not going after a big name FA for the secondary.
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