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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Improving the ILB spot 07:59 AM 11-30-2018
So after watching that cowboys saints game, holy shit the cowboys ILBs are just freak shows. Iím pretty sure thatís the best tandem in the league, jaylon is back healthy which is awesome cause heís a legit top 3 talent

But I think it also shows thatís where youíve gotta be strong in todayís nfl.

How can the chiefs get to that point? I think hitchens is a good player if you put someone that doesnít suck beside and in front of him.

Whoís draftable this year at ILB that can run?
RunKC 01:20 PM 12-18-2018
Originally Posted by
Spending the money wasn't necessarily the problem. Putting him in a different system and expecting him to just take off was.

Seriously, why would you sign a free agent to a big deal then have him do things he's not really done?

I donít think Hitchens sucks. I think he had it much easier in Dallas. He was in a 4-3 with Sean Lee and Jaylon Smith. Thatís less of the field to cover, more help from DL taking on blocks and less to diagnose. Thatís probably why Vander Esch is awesome right now. The guy can just make plays because Jaylon Smith is there to help.

Chiefs need to find an athlete at LB. OíDaniel could be that guy if he can get bigger and keep his speed.

Fucking Dorsey got one in Cleveland. Genard Avery was such a steal. Fuck
Buehler445 10:01 PM 12-19-2018
Yeah, last thursday, on like a second and 10, the RB caught like a 2 yard swing pass and headed down the sidelines. One of the ILBs, I think it was Hitchens, stood ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FIRST DOWN MARKER and waited for the RB to run to him.

What the fucking fuck?
DJ's left nut 09:45 AM 12-20-2018
What do we need to upgrade for?

Hitchens is a Pro Bowler!!!
[Reply] 10:41 AM 12-20-2018
If I have to watch Reggie Ragland feel his way around the field anymore I'm going to puke.

Then some writer releases a defensive article and interviews Sutton who talks about how defense is so reading and reacting.

My god.
ntexascardfan 08:57 PM 12-26-2018
I really like this Jordan Kunaszyk kid for Cal.

130 tackles this season and seems to always be in the right spot.
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