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The Lounge>***Official "Are NFL game outcomes influenced by outsiders?" Discussion Thread***
Frazod 07:51 PM 12-13-2012
[Mod edit: This thread is merged from a multitude of other threads all about this topic. Please try and keep the discussion about the "rigged" NFL here. If this kind of discussion irritates you, please use the "Ignore Thread" feature under "Thread Tools" up and to the right.]

I don't remember if this was ever posted here - if it was, I don't remember it.

Very long, informative, and depressing.

MaximumWins's Blog
Reasons Why The NFL Is Fixed For Profit

GloryDayz 09:45 PM 12-13-2012
I'm soooo saving-up to buy an NFL team....
Bugeater 09:47 PM 12-13-2012
Originally Posted by frazod:
Well, who do you think is going to write something like this? Peter King? Prisco? I'm sure they're all under orders to maintain the illusion.

One thing the guy doesn't mention and probably should is the advent of HDTV. I mean, seriously, unless you're retarded, the fixing is right there in glorious 1080p crystal clarity on your big ass TV, to be marveled at and watched over and over again by use of your DVR. And it's not like they really try that hard to hide it - I mean, how can they?

When it comes to HDTV, the NFL is sort of like porn. You see things you probably shouldn't, and somebody's getting fucked.
You don't have to have a journalism degree to bang out something readable. This guy can barely articulate a thought, I don't even understand some of the points he's trying to make. I'm not saying none of it's true, but if you're trying to drive a point home it's best not to come off as a drooling retard. "Poultry" god. :-)
keg in kc 09:48 PM 12-13-2012
I think this was the site I was looking at when we talked about this a few years back:
Demonpenz 09:49 PM 12-13-2012
I thought it was common knowledge it is fake. Every time they open up one of those storage units there is always something wacky.
mr. tegu 09:50 PM 12-13-2012
On the season the public has won 90 games and lost 89 games.
Frazod 09:52 PM 12-13-2012
Originally Posted by Bugeater:
You don't have to have a journalism degree to bang out something readable. This guy can barely articulate a thought, I don't even understand some of the points he's trying to make. I'm not saying none of it's true, but if you're trying to drive a point home it's best not to come off as a drooling retard. "Poultry" god. :-)
I agree, he's crying out for a proofreader. Of course, I used to work for a very smart and successful lawyer who would probably spell "cat" K-A-T-T. And think of all the people who make beautifully worded arguments in favor of shit like gun control.

I'm willing to cut the messenger a little slack. The message is important.
keg in kc 09:52 PM 12-13-2012
This one's fun too:
steelyeyed57 09:53 PM 12-13-2012
Why do they need to video tape other teams' signals if the game is fixed?
Hootie 09:57 PM 12-13-2012
The only point I agree with is the ridiculous polamalu td they overturned which was a no doubt td and made no sense to overturn or Vegas call....that said, no way games are fixed, maybe some are steered but the coaches and players would have nothing to do with it
Frazod 10:02 PM 12-13-2012
Originally Posted by steelyeyed57:
Why do they need to video tape other teams' signals if the game is fixed?
I don't believe EVERY game is rigged. Also, there are times when despite the refs' best efforts, the anointed team chokes and the other guys pull it out anyway (see Packers v. Chiefs, 2011). Two of the most blatant non-calls I can remember seeing in a single game (obvious Packer offensive holds) resulted in a 9 point swing - one should have resulted in a safety, and the other play was a huge pass play on a GB scoring drive. I guess Orton and Company didn't get the memo. Or perhaps that day they just didn't give a shit. I have no idea how the WWNFL issues it's pre-game edicts, or to whom.
GloryDayz 10:11 PM 12-13-2012
Might the Eagles-Bengals game of 2012 be added to the list? LOL!
cosmo20002 10:28 PM 12-13-2012
This is on par with the stupid conspiracy theories posted in DC.

For a game to truly be fixed, there would need to be collusion among the league and probably the refs at the very least, but probably the coaches and players as well. Its ridiculous.

Just because someone can dream up a complicated series of events that could possibly happen doesn't mean it actually does.
tk13 10:41 PM 12-13-2012
I don't know about being fixed... I'm sure someone somewhere in the NFL has taken money at some point.

I will say the NFL is great at sweeping things under the rug, so if it was happening they would probably hide it well. Like with the Bountygate issue, for instance... the Saints were close with a convicted felon who was offering rewards for injuring QBs. Sean Payton was directly corresponding with him about this. You think that would be a major deal, a businessman basically laying down money to alter games... but it really wasn't. Instead it's turned into a circus where Goodell looks like an idiot who punished a bunch of players unfairly.
CoMoChief 10:42 PM 12-13-2012
I've been saying for a long time that eventually football will be played inside a studio with a TV crew..the whole 9 yds, and there will be no fans.


Well you're starting to see it now. NFL stands are getting more emptier and year after year. The economy is failing and the dollar is falling...and you don't think the NFL owners know this? That's why they're raising ticket prices year after year regardless if they're winning or not.

Whitlock touched on this. NFL owners almost don't care now if fans don't show...they're expendable now with the amount of money being made from the TV contracts. HDTV and technology is rapidly changing, and has for the last 10years.

Starting in 2014 the NFL will be making nearly $5B in TV contracts. That's not even including the Direct TV Sunday Ticket contract that expires in 2014. Currently it's valued at $1B/year. And I bet that amount will rise when they re-new the contract. I bet its $1.5B/yr.

So $6.5B / 32 NFL teams = approx $203M per team

So since I don't know what that contract for NFL Sunday Ticket will be, I'll be conservative and say it's safe to say that the NFL teams will split $200M each.

On average $75 a ticket and $30 parking that's $105 without food/beer etc. Now, not everyone drives their own car, so there are 19,200 parking spaces, and with parking in grass etc, you could easily fit 20,000 in there conservatively. I'll be nice and say $15/person for food/beer because not everyone buys food or drinks, but there are also A LOT of people that drink a lot and spend out the ass so I'm willing to guess it evens itself out a little bit.

Parking $600K/reg season game(8) (20,000 spaces x $30parking fee) = $4.8M season, so I'll say $5M.

$75 avg ticket price at Arrowhead x 80,000 = $6M/reg season game

$15food per person x 80,000 = $1.2M/reg season $1M

That's $12 million/reg season game x 8 reg.season games = $96M a season....and that's being generous because not every seat is occupied by a person, tickets are bought from TV and advertising companies in some cases to keep the game from being blacked out...esp if your team sucks. So my figures are much high than they really are.

Forbes says the total profit for last year Chiefs was approx $50M.

So...$200M(TV contracts) > $50M(Fan costs)

Regardless of how far off this is, or how much of that $200M is actually delegated towards each team and not funneled to other entities within the league ....the gap is so wide the fans have become a non-factor when it comes to the big picture.

Fuck I realized I'm way too fucked up to be doing this and all my shit is wrong. I made everyone dumber by reading this. I'm awarded no points, and may God have mercy on my soul.

htismaqe 10:44 PM 12-13-2012
There's a bunch of contradictions in here.

Like when he says that the NFL doesn't need ticket sales but then goes on to say the 49ers had a "fixed" 13-3 season in order to get their new stadium, from ticket sales.
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