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Nzoner's Game Room>Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is a fucking zoo-jam packed
scho63 02:41 PM 07-21-2023
It's been close to 4 years since I've been on a plane and after 42 years and 39 countries, I have never seen an airport this jam packed. I heard after COVID it was even WORSE.

I'm sitting here surrounded by about 5000 people with no seats, no room at the bar, people tripping over each other and just a loud mess. Of course everyone rushing the gate to get on first.

I can see I will be drinking often and strong.

Glad it's a short flight......:-)
Rain Man 07:32 PM 03-10-2024
Originally Posted by Donger:
I canceled a trip that was scheduled on a Max 9 a month ago but they were also still grounded. But I'm on one tomorrow. And no, it wasn't just a complete one-off. They found multiple planes with the same issue albeit not having NO bolts. Just loose ones.

Alaska Airlines CEO says loose bolts found on 'many' planes
The CEO of Alaska Airlines has ripped Boeing in the wake of the recent near-disaster, revealing that loose bolts were found on “many” of the company's 737 MAX 9 planes. CEO Ben Minicucci said that a new in-house inspection of the Boeing model in the fleet has uncovered that “many” of the planes had loose bolts.

United Airlines has found loose door plug bolts on at least five of the Boeing 737 Max 9 planes, as airlines begin inspecting planes following the Federal Aviation Administration’s temporary grounding order.

The loose bolts were found during initial inspections of what is known as the “mid-cabin door plug” partway down the fuselage of the 737-9, according to maintenance logs viewed by Skift.

“LH Mid Cabin Emergency Exit Door Plug, Upper Forward Guide Fitting, Lower Attach Bolts (2 ea.) are loose,” reads one of the reports, which was dated January 8.

I do actively look for flights that are Airbus now, but it doesn't always work out. Their seats hurt my back but that's better than being blown out of an airplane.

They really should fix that stuff.

I specifically picked Airbus planes on my next flight. It's kind of hard to tell sometimes on the flight selector what's a Max Boeing versus a non-crashing Boeing.

I saw an article the other day that said that Boeing was well-run until they absorbed McDonnell Douglas and their poor culture, and it made me laugh sadly. My few years working at McDonnell Douglas were kind of shocking. I was on the military side and not the civilian side, but the level of competence and professionalism was shockingly low. It's hard to believe that they actually produced planes that got off the ground. Maybe it was just my department that was poorly run, because I was in a really tight silo, but ... jeez. It was bad.
Rain Man 07:36 PM 03-11-2024 - A former Boeing employee known for raising concerns about the firm's production standards has been found dead in the US.

Regarding my previous post, I was hacked. I never said anything negative about Boeing. I love Boeing. Great people at Boeing. I was hacked.
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