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Hall of Classics>Planet members and their kids serving in Iraq and Afghanistan need our support.
BigRedChief 09:49 AM 10-28-2009
I know of one member of Chiefs Planet getting ready to go to Afghaniastan. I know
another that has a son getting ready to deploy. Another that has a son already there. I propose that we raise money and ship some "goddies" over to the units where Chiefs Planet members or their kids are serving our country. To let them know they are not alone, that some of us back here in the USA appreciate their sacrifice and service.
I will personally pay all the shipping costs and coordinate the project.

I will pay all the paypal fees of the members who donate. If you donate $20 to buy goodies for the troops, $20 goes to the troops.

If you want to send a check, or some goodies yourself, donated items, PM me for a mailing address.

If you have a store that has items that would go in the care package and would sell those at cost and or donate, PM me.

100% of the money raised will go to purchase items for the troops. I will update this thread with the progress and post pictures of the "goodies" and items that will be shipped to the troops.

This is not a political thread or idea. The point is to support the Planet members or their kids on a personal level while they are voluntarily putting themselfs in harms way for us.

PM me for the paypal address. If you know of someone serving overseas, PM me and we will put them on the list to recieve a care package

Originally Posted by BigRedChief:
A thank you card for the planet from the troops over in the sandbox.

Originally Posted by Jethopper:
I just wanted to send a shout out to BigRedChief. Most of you don't know, but I am a grunt in the 82nd airborne and I am currently in Afghanistan. Yesterday, after a long week of field work, I came back to the FOB to recharge and what do I see? 2 care packages from BRC. Well me and my boys enjoyed the snacks and we thank you, bud. HOOAH
Hey BRC,

A few days after my wife checked with her brother's wife about this package, he was injured in an IED attack and sent home for medical treatment. Today we learned that his driver and the guy who took his place were both killed by an IED. It's a tough job these guys have (both in terms of personal risk and also in terms of dealing with the loss of close friends).

Thanks again for all the support you facilitate!


Originally Posted by Barney Stinson:
That's awesome news. Thanks to the new and continuing supporters that keeps this going. As a solider on the receiving side; it means so much to have complete strangers contribute to these packages. Its a moral victory, makes you feel noticed, affirmation. In some of the worst times I've ever experienced, a small note or package surprising me made the difference between being depressed and feeling validated. Agree or not for the reasons we're there, coming together and supporting the troops with their boots on the ground is a profound statement, and it does not go un-noticed by the troops receiving the packages. Don't make fun of what I'm saying, never in my life has a simple gesture made me feel so good and happy to be an american. Keep donating if you feel inclined, it matters more than you know to the troops receiving it.

SuperBowl4 07:20 AM 02-10-2019
Originally Posted by BigRedChief:
This effort has never been political for me. Never to promote an agenda.

I saw soldiers on TV being spit on in the Vietnam era when they returned to the USA. As a small child, I didn't understand why people were blaming them.They had no choice. There was a draft. Go to jail, leave all your country forever, family and friends or go wherever the military sent you. How was this their fault? My dad served and went to the local VFW. I started volunteering there to help soldiers.

I've since worked for the military for years as an adult(no longer do) and got to know these vets on a personal level. Working alongside them and they go home and kill themselves because the trauma of war isn't always physical. This effort has always been about the soldiers. No Politics. The regular grunts doing the work, serving our country. Recognizing their and their families sacrifice to protect the USA while I'm safe back home.
Like one vet once said - they wave the flag when we attack, when we come home they turn their back
BigRedChief 12:14 PM 11-10-2023
Moved to the Hall of Classics. :-)
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