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petegz28 03:32 PM 01-09-2009
Ok, as some of you have heard me complain before, the neighbors who live behind me\across the street installed a 10ft lamppost in their front yard. It is excessively bright. I by that I mean it outshines the streetlights easily. The ligh illuminates the entire backside of my house meaning it shines right through my dining room window and bedroom window. I cannot sit on my deck when it is on as it is like having a light shined righ tin your face.

So, what I have done so far....I tolerated it and paid $500 to put in a tree to help block it. That does a meh job. So I thought oh well until....CHRISTMAS TIME! What is so special about CHRISTMAS TIME and the Lamp? I will tell you....

The people put exterior x-mas lights on their home and guess what...they had to turn off their light so they could be seen. Day after x-mas the light was back on in all of its blinding beauty.

So I finally looked up the code and found an "Unlawul Illumination" code that states basically your light cannot shine across your property line to the point it is a nuisance. So I filed a complaint with the city.

The city in turn said this is an exception to municiple code and they forwarded it to the Police. The Police contacted me and said they are waiting for the blessing from the city prosector to allow a citation. This is where it gets good...

If they do get the blessing, I of course have to sign a complaint and possibly appear in court to have the light dimmed or removed.

I am half willing to accept reimbursement for the $500 for the tree I put in, though that does me no good in the winter. The wife says I should let it go. My best friemd says "**** em' they should of thought about that when they put in the light".

So would you follow it all the way to court? Or am I being a bigger dick than usual? :-)

Updated: Talked to him, asked him to either wait until 10:00 to turn it on or get a dimmer bulb.....light was off last night so he is being cool though I could tell by his town he wasn't happy about the purpose of my visit
Simply Red 03:07 PM 08-08-2023
I remember this pete thread. 14 years ago wow.
Rain Man 04:53 PM 08-08-2023
Originally Posted by wilkinson:
There are some exceptions
Canada, right?
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