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In Memoriam>RIP Flopnuts
Hammock Parties 08:14 PM 05-10-2020
He has passed.
Johnny Vegas 05:36 AM 05-11-2020
Flopnuts was the best. One of the few posters I felt kept the burst alive in this place.
Marcellus 06:13 AM 05-11-2020
Son of a bitch I just saw this on FB. Unreal. I helped Mike out a few times years ago and we talked and texted on occasion.

He was a good dude at heart.

Fuck me. RIP Mike.
SAUTO 06:30 AM 05-11-2020
I've got a larry johnson signed jersey that i got from him years ago.

he was a great dude. RIP Floppyguy
seclark 06:39 AM 05-11-2020
rip floppy
Reaper16 06:44 AM 05-11-2020
Let me tell you something that encapsulates what a good man Mike was. My mom passed away in fall 2016. Come February, which was her birthday month, Mike knew what I'd be going through & mailed me a big box of Oklahoma Joe's ribs, pulled pork, brisket, & sauce. We'd been facebook friends a while at that point, and he knew how much I love barbecue, and he also knew that I wasn't getting anything close to Kansas City quality in Philadelphia (where I've been living since 2014).

I rank that as one of the kindest, most meaningful gifts I've ever been given & it absolutely helped me navigate the pain of loss.

RIP Michael. I won't forget you. You'll be missed by a lot of people.
dirk digler 06:50 AM 05-11-2020
Dammit. One of the all time great guys this really sucks. RIP Flops.
Nzoner 06:53 AM 05-11-2020
Originally Posted by Bugeater:
This is very sad. He was a genuinely good dude, always wore his emotions on his sleeve and he had a heart of gold. He had a very engaging personality, one of those people that when you meet in person, you immediately felt comfortable and wanted to be around him. It was very disappointing that he took the loss of his moderator position so personally that it all but ended his participation here and I think there was a lot of hard feelings about it. I really wish that could have been rectified somehow....but now it will never be.

Rest in peace big have been and always will be missed.
Originally Posted by TinyEvel:
Well crap.

Mike was for sure an authentic guy and you always sorta knew what he was going through whether it be good or a struggle. We became friends when I'd come out there for games and/or really during the first weight loss challenge like 2010. He lost a lot of weight, probably the most straight-up pounds. He was the kind of guy you just wanted to hug and punch in the arm cuz he was the kind of guy you could feel safe and be yourself around.

On a side note: Take this opportunity, if you know somebody who's going up and down, especially right now with the Covid lockup or shut down, reach out to them and check in. Just let them know you're thinking about them and see if you can help in any way. Because you never know when/if you'll be able to talk to them again.

Be safe folks, take care of each other. RIP Mike. it was good to know you.

Well said guys.

RIP brother so happy you got to see KC finally win the big one and you will truly be missed.
Mile High Mania 06:56 AM 05-11-2020
Damn, sad to hear... RIP
rico 07:05 AM 05-11-2020
Man... :-)

duncan_idaho 07:12 AM 05-11-2020
That one stings.

Damn. RIP floppy.
Pushead2 07:28 AM 05-11-2020
Godspeed :-)
Mecca 07:30 AM 05-11-2020
Man that's pretty awful.

Flops one of those guys I just associate with this place where he was posting or not. Was always a good dude to me, I feel like we're losing lots of people lately, I'm glad most of them got to see the SB.
Buehler445 07:33 AM 05-11-2020
Originally Posted by Sad:
Man, that was not the news I needed to hear. Flop and I had a rather well publicized falling out on this board years back and I feel really bad we never squashed that beef. This shit always puts petty shit in to perspective and hopefully, if he can read this thread, he can know that I am sorry for saying the stuff I said about him and know that he had a heart of gold. Sigh. Truly heartbreaking news. RIP buddy, and if you're reading this somewhere, please know that I am sorry for being such a stubborn asshole.
Who are you?
dilligaf 07:35 AM 05-11-2020
The Franchise 07:41 AM 05-11-2020

I don’t even know what to say right now. Mike has his issues but he would give you everything that he owned if he knew it would make you feel better.

I don’t think I’ll ever believe this is real.

I’ll miss you Mike. Love you man.
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