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View Poll Results: What do we do at DE?
I actually think we're fine at the position. Jones will rotate to DE more. 15 18.99%
You're sleeping on a DE already on our roster who will become our DE2. 6 7.59%
Melvin Ingram! 33 41.77%
Justin Houston! 10 12.66%
Ryan Kerrigan! 5 6.33%
Everson Griffen! 0 0%
Ezekiel Ansah! 0 0%
I bet we trade for someone. 1 1.27%
I think we're just going to roll into the season with what we got but snag someone who gets Suggs'd midseason. 17 21.52%
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The Gonzo Lounge>How do you think we going to fix DE?
Direckshun 01:47 PM 05-03-2021
One thing I learned after the pile-on I suffered in the draft forum recently is that, in lieu of the outstanding job Veach has done rebuilding the OL, we've all kind of downplayed the severity of the situation at DE.

Frank Clark is the only clearly starting DE on the roster.

If he gets hurt, which he will because he always does, our starting DEs will probably be Mike Danna and Taco Charlton, with Tim Ward and Joshua Kaindoh rotating in.

That's just not going to get it done, folks.

I'm going to lay out some options that I can foresee, let me know what you think is most likely.
Easy 6 02:06 PM 05-07-2021
Originally Posted by Dunerdr:
People keep bringing that up but from what i remember he wasnt that good there against the titans when he had to play.
Seems kinda gimmicky and not to be relied upon, honestly

I mean, maybe here and there in select circumstances... but the fact is he's simply not a natural DE
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