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In Memoriam>Hello! [RIP RandallFlagg]
Randallflagg 08:10 AM 11-04-2021
Hello folks here..

My name is Christopher and I am (was) RandallFlaggs son. I tried days ago to post a quick message about my Father but for some reason it wouldn't take?

My Father passed sometime between July 28th and August 30th of this year. He died attempting to help people who could not help themselves. I can't/won't go into much detail but needless to say, his family (my Mother, Sister and I) are devastated, however we know that he wouldn't have his service be any other way.

It was a private venture into another country and he was to provide logistic support for other men. Unfortunately, as they were achieving their goal of helping folks out, they faced an ambush and may Father and 2 others were killed. I have it on good authority though that he took several with him, though.

Mom talked about how much he loved engaging on this forum. She gave me his logon information and I thought I would post this quick note to inform all of his passing. Sorry, it has taken a while to commemorate Dad, but we were asked to "keep it under wraps" for a time.

Thanks to all of you who wrote to him on his time here.

Goodbye Chief!! You will be remembered forever. RIP Dad.

Christopher A

Originally Posted by Randallflagg:
Hello again!

I came in this afternoon from taking care of the stock to find my Mother crying her eyes out, reading these responses. In her words, These are truly great people to post these wonderful responses. They have truly made her feel better (if that is possible).

One of my Dad's best friends, a retired Colonel, who was with them on their trip has contacted my Dad's publisher and asked to do a "final chapter" in his book. They are currently working that out. As soon as it becomes available I will let you all know.

Still, I can not thank you all enough from the bottom of my heart for the kind messages that you have all posted. My Father, although "elderly" was never one to shy away from what he considered to be his duty. Mom tried to talk him out of going, but she knew it was a waste of time so, as many times in the past, she kissed him goodbye and told him "See you when you get back". Unfortunately, this was his last ride. Knowing my Father however, he would have wanted it this way.

Now, his ranch is on my shoulders to take care of and I will. Every day when I see the sun coming up, his horse stomping around in the barn, coffee on the stove, I think of him fondly.

God bless you all. Thanks again for your kind responses.


PHOG 12:33 PM 11-04-2021
A true hero. Condolences to your family. RIP Randallflagg.
MIAdragon 12:35 PM 11-04-2021
Would like to buy a few copies of that book
big nasty kcnut 12:39 PM 11-04-2021
Rip and thank god he took a couple of scumbag out before his untimely death.
Lzen 12:40 PM 11-04-2021
Well, damn! Sounds like your dad was a good man. He didn't post much over the years but I remember him. Too bad he didn't post more. Would loved to have met him in person. Prayers for you and your family and may he RIP.
tredadda 12:42 PM 11-04-2021
Nothing but the ultimate in respect for him. It is sad to hear of his passing, but he passed as a hero in the service of others. That is a noble end if ever there was one. You should be proud of him for all he has done.
2112 12:51 PM 11-04-2021
Condolences. RIP Randall
Marcellus 12:55 PM 11-04-2021
Originally Posted by Easy 6:
Crushing news

I feared he might be gone but figured it would've been cancer, not something like this... running around some apparent (I have a guess where) war zone at his age, trying to help people

I had much respect for your Dad, very very sorry for your families loss

ps - will his book ever come out?
Given the timing and description you would almost have to assume he went to Afghanistan during the "pull out". There isa month in question there they dont even know the exact date.
Tribal Warfare 01:04 PM 11-04-2021
My condolences
dtrain 01:04 PM 11-04-2021
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Dallas Chief 01:05 PM 11-04-2021
Really sucks to hear this. What a great man and Patriot! RIP RandallFlagg.
burt 01:16 PM 11-04-2021

Condolences on your loss. As a cantankerous old SOB, myself, let me say, he went out like a warrior on. Like Duncan Idaho, your Dad took the "name" of a character from one of my 2 favorite books, so I always read what he had to say. He was a good, strong man, irregardless of his physical stature.
JohnnyHammersticks 01:20 PM 11-04-2021
My sympathies Christopher. I liked your father. He was a voice of reason and a good man.
DaFace 01:24 PM 11-04-2021
Well fuck. Thank you for letting us know, and condolences.
Otter 01:27 PM 11-04-2021
So sorry to hear. Your father is a good man and we share a similar philosophy on many things in life.

God speed!
seclark 01:31 PM 11-04-2021
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