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The Meltdown Lounge>***** The Official KC Chiefs vs. Cleveland Browns 2021 Home Opener Thread *****
ReynardMuldrake 11:16 PM 09-11-2021
Kickoff - 9/12/21 3:25 PM CBS

Let's get this bitch started!
TEX 04:09 PM 09-12-2021
Originally Posted by King_Chief_Fan:
A worse effort by a defense has never been seen...O is lacking as well
Yes. The deal is the Chiefs defense is no problem for Cleveland. BUT Cleveland's defense, can give the Chiefs offense some problems.
Demonpenz 04:09 PM 09-12-2021
Portrait mode!
ThyKingdomCome15 04:09 PM 09-12-2021
Originally Posted by J Diddy:
and splitting, shitting and spitting.

It's like watching 2 monkeys **** a football.
It was quite dreadful.
Easy 6 04:10 PM 09-12-2021
3/3 4th down conversions, thats some Madden shit... get mad and DO something about it defense, you fucks
dirk digler 04:10 PM 09-12-2021
Originally Posted by KCChiefsFan88:
Too soon to become concerned with CEH?

He looks slow as shit with zero maneuverability on his rushing plays.
Yep mentioned this early in the pre season about how he looks slow.

We need to go get a stud RB next season. Too late now for this season.
SupDock 04:10 PM 09-12-2021
Score and a stop and we are good.
kccrow 04:10 PM 09-12-2021
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
Quick strikes are going to be tough to come by. They’ll just play two deep and rush with their front four. We aren’t winning unless this defense pulls their heads out of their asses.
Agree. And by the looks of this defense, the heads are up in there quite a ways.
-King- 04:10 PM 09-12-2021
We need to use McKinnon. Need some speed and vision
ThyKingdomCome15 04:10 PM 09-12-2021
I like that run call but Brownies all over it.
TEX 04:10 PM 09-12-2021
CEH sucks running the ball. There's no reason why the defense should even respect it.
KCChiefsFan88 04:10 PM 09-12-2021
CEH never sees holes or openings.
Easy 6 04:11 PM 09-12-2021
Left side was WIDE open, Clyde
siberian khatru 04:11 PM 09-12-2021
Originally Posted by JakeF:
If the coaches don't trust him, then why is Armani Watts on the team?
Dave Toub
cdcox 04:11 PM 09-12-2021
At this point, we just need to air it out. Work on the running game in a future week.
The Franchise 04:11 PM 09-12-2021
Where the fuck are you going CEH? Jesus.
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