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Tribal Warfare 10:59 PM 09-08-2021

Sofa King 07:23 AM 09-09-2021
An hour and a half? Yeesh... That's a tall ask for the collection of ADHD posters we have here.

How about a few cliff notes?
TwistedChief 08:17 AM 09-09-2021
If you hover over the video, it has the segments labeled.

I went through a bunch of it and it's pretty great.
suzzer99 09:38 PM 09-14-2021

Chiefs TE @tkelce reveals the secret mental connection he has with @PatrickMahomes. ����#PeytonandEli #ChiefsKingdom

— Rob Collins (@RCFOX4KC) September 14, 2021

I'm just gonna dump this here.