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Hall of Classics>Claythan now looking to get into modeling? OMFG Awesome find.
teedubya 02:51 PM 06-27-2009
:-)... so, I was working on some SEO stuff for a client... and I thought... Oh, I wonder if Clayton Wendler still ranks #1 for that thread "Man Embarassed by Penis Size Secretly Gets His Brother to Have Sex ...". That thread now ranks #2 for his name.

But I nearly ruined my monitor by spitting water all over it when I saw the page that ranks 5th for his name.

I got an extra chuckle when I noticed that he had ZERO votes.

Is this quite possibly the most awesomest interweb find EVAR? :-) :-)

EDIT: Site down due to comment hilarity... but the cache is here for a couple days, anyway:
MarkDavis'Haircut 08:30 AM 02-18-2022
Katipan 06:13 PM 02-18-2022
Originally Posted by Katipan:

I'll never understand all the strong angry emotions for him. He's a kid. Acts like a kid. Like a smart kid. Like a smart kid that was constrained restrained and detained from most of life. So he has growing pains right now and shares them with the world.

Not like the people in this thread haven't done worse.
Aww I've always loved Clay.
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