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Tribal Warfare 01:27 PM 05-03-2021

Valiant 05:47 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
We saw both. Infinity War and Endgame both were amazing for very different reasons. Infinity War....the entire theater sat silent when everyone started turning to dust. You could tell that most of the audience had no clue that shit was about to go down.

Endgame? Fuuuuuuuuuuck. Shit broke out in applause and screams when Steve held Mjolnir for the first time and then again for Avengers Assemble. It was crazy.

The only thing Iíve seen rival it in experiences was watching the first Jackass in theaters. It was non stop talking and laughing that made the experience great.
I have seen every movie in theatre. For me the best fan moment was avengers assembling through the portals. Tied with cap and the moljnir.

I have a feeling we will see alt reality cap and Tony. We need them for avengers vs X-Men.
Valiant 05:51 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Spott:
Damn, I figured that you would have seen that in theaters when it opened up as much as you are into Marvel and the movie industry. I saw it in theaters on the Thursday before opening night and again at downtown Disney the next night. It was just as crazy as all those YouTube videos. Itís hard to imagine that they will ever be able to build a story with that much hype again.
If they can pull off X-Men correctly they can. They just need to not Hugh Jackman the franchise. And stay away from dark Phoenix. Keep that shit shelved forever. Hated it the cartoon, and both movies.

Shit. I don't think majority fans need a intro movie either. Give them highlights in other movies and go.

And do the sentinels correctly.
Gravedigger 11:02 AM Today
They likely need to touch on the Phoenix at some point considering how much of a backstory it is for the X-Men and Jean Grey in particular, who in turn is such a staple of the X-Men universe in and of herself. I think the main errors of The Dark Phoenix movie was Sophie Turner's lack of acting prowess, to become a crazed alternate personality that was so different from Jean Grey, I never thought they really setup either of her personalities well, and it was more Turner's role in GoT that was a star power, hot name move more than anything. Also the ending confrontation after the train was shit as well and they didn't really stick to source material with those aliens being the big bads. It's a saga that can't be brought down to one movie length, it would need to be something in the vein of Infinity War and Endgame, spread out over at least two movies with better acting and writing. That's why these castings are so crucial for Marvel coming out the gate, ,they can't just nail half of the characters and then wiff on the other half like Fox did. They don't need to touch on it until after the third movie I feel, setup your characters with real world issues, here on earth, then go cosmic later on way down the line if the movies are successful and lead you down that path. Marvel slow played it and did it right where as DC rushed everything, I have faith in them to do X-Men right and I'm really looking forward to seeing who they get, I just want them to go all out 90s cartoon with it, with Sentinels, Genosha, Gambit, Sabertooth, Rogue, the whole thing. If they can introduce Rogue, in the upcoming movie The Marvels, where Rogue saps Captain Marvel's power and Ms. Marvel has to step up and carry the banner to save the day, that'd be an insane way to start introducing the X-Men, it would also give them a credible way to sideline Captain Marvel instead of just putting her off planet while Thanos lays waste until the last 30 minutes of Endgame.
unlurking 11:47 AM Today
Yeah, I never got the Sophie Turner love. She was able to play the whiny, petulant, selfish, bitch you loved to hate really well, but I've yet to see her do anything beyond that.
DaneMcCloud 12:13 PM Today
The biggest issue I can see with Phase 4 is keeping the audience interested in characters introduced in Shang-Chi, The Eternals, Captain Marvel 2, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight.

Captain Marvel, outside of the Skrulls, was very meh. I am very much looking forward to Moon Knight and Secret Invasion but have little interest in Kate Bishop and the other “Young” superheroes planned.

Tom Holland isn’t signed beyond No Way Home, which is disappointing. I don’t know if that’s planned because they’re moving forward with another version of Spider-Man but if so, it’s going to be a tough sell for me because Holland was absolutely pitch-perfect as Peter Parker.

Captain America 4 is a hard no for me in theaters.
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