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District of Columbia + $265,000 annual stipend 19 31.67%
Missouri + $250,000 annual stipend 41 68.33%
Gosh, I can't decide. 0 0%
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The Lounge>Mansionmania Tournament: Round 1, Heat 11
Rain Man 10:43 AM 10-13-2021
Mansionmania continues. I'm going to show you the most expensive homes in every state and a few territories, with a few extras thrown in from the largest states to get the tourney up to 64. It'll be a single-elimination tournament.

You will choose among each pair of houses with the following assumptions:

I encourage you to click on the maps in the listings to see the general location and neighborhood.

Also, I will only enter contestants if they have a sufficient number of photos to judge, as determined by me.

Your entries in this heat are:

District of Columbia:

mr. tegu 03:40 PM 10-13-2021
Originally Posted by ThaVirus:
I was wondering how Missouri might fare on a Chiefs message board. I figured the proximity to KC would give it a boost, but I didn't expect it to win in a semi-landslide.

DC is a cool city, right? Even if your political leanings don't match the typical liberal urban city vibe, I feel like DC is great for any American. There's tons of history, patriotic stuff, etc.

I don't believe you're allowed to have any guns in DC, though, which I'm guessing is a dealbreaker for a lot of folk round these parts.

A Maryland house 30 miles from DC could do just fine. The biggest thing is just the land. People, especially those west of the east coast metros, likely expect some land in a multi million dollar home and donít favor their garage to be twenty feet from a major street.
JohnnyHammersticks 03:54 PM 10-13-2021
If the model Camaro on the bar in the DC house is included, that probably sways it for me.

Though the pool in the MO house is incredible, and it would be nice to be closer to my family.

DC in a coin filp.
Rain Man 03:58 PM 10-13-2021
Originally Posted by Pablo:
Rainman just needs to do a new poll with only brunettes so we can have a just winner.
I have a strict non-discriminatory policy so I couldn't do that without also having separate polls of blondes and redheads.
scho63 05:30 PM 10-13-2021
DC house is UGLY and you live in DC !!!! WTF!!!!

That Missouri Home is un-fucking-real and with the right decorating is a home run.

Not even close
Bowser 05:43 PM 10-13-2021
I'd be nervous to touch anything in that DC house. Magnificent location, though. That alone would make it a contender. But who in the hell decided lime green was the go-to color for the master in THAT house??

That Missouri house has that pool and TWO bowling alley lanes. Give me MO.
Bearcat 05:53 PM 10-13-2021
Originally Posted by ClevelandBronco:
This whole exercise has reminded me that there are very few places in which Iíd ever want to live.
My thought exactly.

Originally Posted by The Franchise:
$20 million for a house and I have to pay HOA fees? The fuck?
And it's $17/month. :-)
Bearcat 05:58 PM 10-13-2021
I was afraid the Missouri house would be St. Louis, and seems like an odd location in general.

I feel like the DC location is more of a novelty that would wear off pretty quickly... you go see the things and do some marveling, then you're just living in the middle of DC. I'd much rather go the Virginia route with all that acreage and access to DC.

And I think the Missouri house wins pretty easily with the bowling lanes, basketball court, etc.... plus 20 acres.
Zebedee DuBois 06:36 PM 10-13-2021
The DC house just leaves me cold. There is nothing warm about it. It would be like living in a hotel lobby.
Buehler445 08:35 PM 10-13-2021
Much like the GA house, it's so not me I don't think I could ever be comfortable there. Fucking awesome house though.

The kitchen in the MO house could beat out some of the other contenders on it's own. That thing is a work of fucking art.

Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
She lost in the 2nd !@#$ing round. To Julianne Hough?

Clearly too many people have not seen Mulholland Falls.

{brain melts}
Julianne Hough? Julianne FUCKING HOUGH?! How the fuck? WHAT the fuck? I don't even...

All I really remember is pushing Emily Ratajkowsk hard. Really hard.
TinyEvel 10:21 PM 10-13-2021
That DC house it's like I would have to buy a full complement of powdered wigs. If I was having an Ichabod Crane themed party then, hell yes. But Nope to the wedding cake as a house vibes.

Tho, Missouri does look suspiciously like Neverland Ranch. And I would use the stipend to fill the garages with fully restored 50s/60s VWs and a supercar or two in the later years. Fine.

Regardless, this endeavor is mostly just showing me how money can't buy taste.
BOXERAJ 01:53 PM 10-14-2021
Not sure of the rules for this, but the priciest Mo mansion by far is the Evergreen Crystal Palace in Branson MO.
DJ's left nut 02:11 PM 10-14-2021
Originally Posted by BOXERAJ:
Not sure of the rules for this, but the priciest Mo mansion by far is the Evergreen Crystal Palace in Branson MO.
Gotta figure that falls into the 'commercial property' realm rather than a true mansion.

That's an office complex with some kitchens.
Detoxing 02:12 PM 10-14-2021
The MO house for me. I'm really digging that place. Not every room is great, but the house looks fun. Seems to have everything. Arcade games, bowling. Pretty cool.

The D.C house looks like it was pulled right off the Vegas strip in terms of interior decoration. Bleh.
Detoxing 02:13 PM 10-14-2021
Originally Posted by Zebedee DuBois:
It would be like living in a hotel lobby.
That was my impression as well.
BOXERAJ 02:29 PM 10-14-2021
Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
Gotta figure that falls into the 'commercial property' realm rather than a true mansion.

That's an office complex with some kitchens.
Did you watch the video, its about a 30 minute walk-thru. I thought the same as you, but it really is more of a house inside, There are many bedrooms/bathrooms with only a handful of smaller offices.
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