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The Lounge>***Official 2021 Royals Season Repository Thread***
ChiefsCountry 12:01 PM 01-07-2021
For all things Royals for the new year.

Free Agent Signings:
Carlos Santana
Mike Minor
Michael Taylor
Ervin Santana

Top 10 Prospects:
1 Bobby Witt Jr., SS
2 Asa Lacy, LHP
3 Daniel Lynch, LHP
4 Jackson Kowar, RHP
5 Erick Pena, OF
6 Nick Loftin, SS
7 Kyle Isbel, OF
8 Khali Lee, OF
9 Jonathan Bowlan, RHP
10 Carlos Hernedez, RHP
lcarus 09:38 PM 09-10-2021
It's a shame the Royals had that awful losing streak at the start of May and basically all of June.

If they close out Minnesota tonight, they'll be 28-24 in the second half of their schedule. Not too shabby.
ROYC75 09:41 PM 09-10-2021
Well gang, here we are with fun times again, it's Drama and Greg.
ChiefsCountry 09:49 PM 09-10-2021
Benni says fuck Fangraphs
ROYC75 09:49 PM 09-10-2021
Yay good guys!
lewdog 09:50 PM 09-10-2021
Originally Posted by ChiefsCountry:
Benni says fuck Fangraphs
And fuck Prison Bitch's advanced metrics!!!
jettio 09:50 PM 09-10-2021
Olivares had a chance to do a Ronnie Lott or Chuck Cecil on Whit on that popup. Surprising, but on the replay it looks like he was tempted to reach over and knock the ball out like Jrue Holliday making a steal off the dribble.
tk13 05:46 PM 09-11-2021

#Dodgers LHP Danny Duffy suffered a setback with his elbow in bullpen session Friday and is shut down again from throwing. Chances of him pitching this season are remote.

— Mike DiGiovanna (@MikeDiGiovanna) September 11, 2021

siberian khatru 05:53 PM 09-11-2021
Originally Posted by tk13:
But we’re still gonna be surprised by how good the prospect is we’re getting, right?
gblowfish 06:08 PM 09-11-2021
Ryno on TV tonight: "Singer has only given up ten homers this year." Wham. Wham. Wham. Thanks Ryno....
gblowfish 06:25 PM 09-11-2021
And....Singer gives up dinger #4....
lcarus 06:31 PM 09-11-2021
Perez is gonna hit #43 tonight.
gblowfish 06:55 PM 09-11-2021
Singer gives up dinger #5...
tk13 06:57 PM 09-11-2021
Cleveland just got no-hit for the 3rd time this year. That has to be a record.
Mama Hip Rockets 12:26 PM 09-12-2021
Not Royals related, but the Blue Jays have scored 27 runs in the last 4 innings.
WhawhaWhat 12:41 PM 09-12-2021
Mondesi destroyed that ball.

Adalberto Mondesi - Kansas City Royals (6)

— MLB HR Videos (@MLBHRVideos) September 12, 2021

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