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The Lounge>***Official 2021 Royals Season Repository Thread***
ChiefsCountry 12:01 PM 01-07-2021
For all things Royals for the new year.

Free Agent Signings:
Carlos Santana
Mike Minor
Michael Taylor
Ervin Santana

Top 10 Prospects:
1 Bobby Witt Jr., SS
2 Asa Lacy, LHP
3 Daniel Lynch, LHP
4 Jackson Kowar, RHP
5 Erick Pena, OF
6 Nick Loftin, SS
7 Kyle Isbel, OF
8 Khali Lee, OF
9 Jonathan Bowlan, RHP
10 Carlos Hernedez, RHP
gblowfish 05:02 PM 07-11-2021
I watched the futures game. Witt ought to be up just as soon as it doesn't impact his service time. And he should be our starting SS or 3B next year. Pratto may need another half season at AAA. I like his plate discipline, looks like he could put on about 10 more pounds of muscle.

I'll bet the entire big club was relieved they didn't have to play today. Matheny was going to trot Dozier out there in the cleanup spot today...after getting the hat trick in yesterday's game.

Totally embarrassing trip to Cleveland. Since Sherman came from Cleveland to buy into KC, he's got to be pissed that we've been their bitch forever. There's GOT to be some kind of shakeup coming in the second half, or this team will be drawing 2500 fans a game come August.
ChiefsCountry 05:12 PM 07-11-2021
Jordan Lawlar or Kumar Rocker have been the two names for the Royals tonight. I would be happy with either one.
ChiefsCountry 05:15 PM 07-11-2021
Little drama tonight to start the draft - Henry Davis to Pittsburgh.
TambaBerry 05:21 PM 07-11-2021
Who do we want the royals to pick
Captain Obvious 05:28 PM 07-11-2021
Rocker or the top HS SS now.
Infidel Goat 05:29 PM 07-11-2021
Jackson Jobe just went third to the Tigers.

One of the shortstops or Rocker will be there when we pick.
Deberg_1990 05:29 PM 07-11-2021
The Tigers with a solid pick.
BigRed 05:39 PM 07-11-2021
Baltimore goes under slot, pushing another top 8 player down to Royals pick.
Al Bundy 05:40 PM 07-11-2021
Wow.. so it will either be Lawler, House, Rocker or Watson for the Royals.
ChiefsCountry 05:40 PM 07-11-2021
Royals will get either one of Lawlar or Rocker. Looks good so far.
Captain Obvious 05:41 PM 07-11-2021
I kind of wanted Rocker to fall to them. Now that either Lawlar or Watson will be there, I kind of want them to go SS.
BigRed 05:42 PM 07-11-2021
P Rocker, SS Lawlar, 2B Watson, 3B House still on the board
tk13 05:42 PM 07-11-2021
Well there's going to be someone good there to pick. Dayton's going to have choices.
siberian khatru 05:43 PM 07-11-2021
Originally Posted by tk13:
Well there's going to be someone good there to pick. Dayton's going to have choices.
And he’ll pick Todd Blackledge
Al Bundy 05:45 PM 07-11-2021
I kinda want Brady House
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