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Hall of Classics>****OFFICIAL Chiefs vs 49ers Super Bowl LIV Game Thread****
Hammock Parties 12:11 AM 02-02-2020
Lets do this shit.
PurpleRiders51 10:47 PM 02-02-2020
Originally Posted by DRM08:
Oh yes, I am very curious to see what KC front office does in the Draft and so forth. One thing that is clear, the OL needs to be a priority! If it's not a badass Niners defense like this one, it will be somebody else giving Mahomes a hard time in the future. Beefing up the OL would be nice to see!
I honestly thought the OL did a good job bending but not breaking too much.
Dave Lane 10:49 PM 02-02-2020
Originally Posted by oaklandhater:
after he fixed it lol he thought they played in Kansas 1st :-)
Hes a dumb as fuck sack of shit, so he has that going for him.
kc rush 10:49 PM 02-02-2020
Originally Posted by PurpleRiders51:
I honestly thought the OL did a good job bending but not breaking too much.
LDT was the weak link there. Hopefully we continue to build there. I would love to have a long line of wins.
Stryker 10:49 PM 02-02-2020
Originally Posted by Hern:
I’m going to lose sleep on the overthrow to Sanders.
Not going to be an asshole here. You have a VERY good team but, YOU LOST!

The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Champions!
MeaTy The Pimp 10:50 PM 02-02-2020
Originally Posted by Why Not?:
May be the best read of all time. Id be shocked if he has the emotional energy to do it tonight though

Yeah, I don't expect it tonight, but thats okay. I will be a great read when he does do it.
ChiTown 10:50 PM 02-02-2020
Never gave up.

I love you all. I really do. So much joy. So many tears. It’s been a tough week. Lost a great friend of mine Thursday night, and we decided to not go to the Super Bowl and stay behind and help out the Family. No regrets. It was the right call.

So happy for ALL my Chiefs Friends and Family. Enjoy it. We are SB. CHAMPS!
KChiefs1 10:50 PM 02-02-2020
Kansas City Chiefs Mobile: Chiefs Rally to Win Super Bowl LIV, 31-20, and Secure World Championship
Hern 10:51 PM 02-02-2020
Originally Posted by Chris Meck:
You know, unlike the other trolls, you came back.

That shows character.

And I thought your defense was overrated; that had feasted on some lesser teams and been exposed against the better QB's and offenses.

I thought there's no way you can just sit in zone on the Chiefs with all that speed and Mahomes under center.

But I'll be damned if that front four wasn't a ****ing bear to deal with.

The reality of this season for KC was this: the only things that ever beat this team all year long were 1)massive injury issues and 2) unforced errors.

Every game we lost was directly attributable to those two things. There was not a single game in which we were outmatched.

This was the first time I felt that was in question.

In the end, we just had too much speed; and the depth really showed up on OUR defensive line that fourth quarter.

helluva game.
All the others were talking smack. I was talking football.

I never once said that wed win. I only hoped to have a good game. Mahomes is one scary dude. One that will get you guys a few more Lombardis.

As for us, were a young team. We never expected to be here after a 4-12 season. Our defense is young. Need to find the next of kin for Sherman. And as far as QB... well...TBD

Future looking bright for both squads.
Hammock Parties 10:52 PM 02-02-2020
It fucking happened.

Hern 10:53 PM 02-02-2020
Originally Posted by kc rush:
Good on you for sticking around and taking the abuse here.

That said, I am laughing at your misery. Been there for so long, I am enjoying every moment of this win and so happy that I'm not on your side of things anymore. So, suck it.

It sucks no doubt. 0-2 in the Superbowl. Ouch!!
KC_Connection 10:53 PM 02-02-2020
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
It fucking happened.

When do we get a video?
CasselGotPeedOn 10:53 PM 02-02-2020
Originally Posted by Hern:
I got a bunch of shit from this forum for suggesting that we should do what it takes to trade for Trevor Lawrence. Im perfectly aware of our QB situation.
Being completely honest, you guys played a hell of a game. I know Kyle is gonna get a lot of shit for another deflating SB loss, but he called a hell of a game for the most part. If he can get a QB, he'll win you guys multiple Super Bowls.
Hoover 10:54 PM 02-02-2020
What a game! I never doubted, but man being down 10 in the 4th and winning by 11

well, because Chiefs!!!

fucking awesome
PHOG 10:54 PM 02-02-2020
mlyonsd 10:55 PM 02-02-2020
This is what happens in a game when you get down but still believe in your QB.
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