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Hall of Classics>***OFFICIAL Kansas City Royals Vs. Oakland A's Post Season Wild Card Thread 9/30***
gblowfish 11:01 PM 09-29-2014
Let me start by saying,
I ****ING hate Oakland.
I especially despise the Oakland Raiders, Oakland Fans, and today I especially despise their weak ass, carpetbagging "Oakland "A's" baseball team.
Glad you asked.
I'll tell you why:
Because I'm old enough to remember what happened here, and what has been stolen from us as a city.

Let me tell you a story from a long time ago:

HonestChieffan 11:37 PM 09-30-2014
Love Pedro's pure honesty. He gutted Neds post game bullshit
CaliforniaChief 11:37 PM 09-30-2014
I can't wait for the ALDS. I'll represent Chiefs Planet, you guys.
tk13 11:37 PM 09-30-2014

Royals: 1st team come back from 4 or more runs down in 8th inning or later to win a winner-take-all postseason game
(via @eliassports)

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) October 1, 2014

WilliamTheIrish 11:37 PM 09-30-2014
Gomes in LF on Hos' triple looked like Richie Zisk stumbling around the Royals Stadium OF for the Rangers in the late 70's.
Celebrate .. Good times... Cmon
penbrook 11:38 PM 09-30-2014
The A's probably don't want to know that teams that scored 8+ runs in a game over the last 9 postseasons had gone 69-2.
L.A. Chieffan 11:40 PM 09-30-2014
That's a Jayson Stark tweet
Why Not? 11:41 PM 09-30-2014
Few things

1. Never been so excited at the ending of a game. I was to young to really give a shit in 85. Jumping around the living room with my wife like a bunch of crazy people. Can't believe we didn't wake the kids.

2. I echo what almost everyone else has said in this regard. You guys are awesome. I am so happy for the city. I can't wait to proudly display Royals gear around Phoenix tomorrow.

3. Icarus, you are the fucking man! Never lost faith, not even for a second. Let me know how I can send you my casino cash. Next time your in AZ, lunch is on me

4. As far as I'm concerned, we are playing with house $ now, so let's go fuck with the Angels a bit.

5. Never been so proud to be a KC fan as I am after the past two nights.
Baby Lee 11:41 PM 09-30-2014
Originally Posted by siberian khatru:
Just heard Lefebvre's call on Salvy's hit.
penbrook 11:44 PM 09-30-2014
Lorenzo Cain: "We plan on going all the way. We have no doubt in our hearts that we’re going all the way.”
siberian khatru 11:45 PM 09-30-2014
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
It was on MLB network
Munson 11:46 PM 09-30-2014
Originally Posted by Coach:

Let's all send a big "fuck you" letter to Dick Kaegel!
gblowfish 11:48 PM 09-30-2014
Read this, taste the yummy green and gold tears:

Laptop battery almost dead. Time for nite nite. See you in LA!
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Mr. Flopnuts 11:48 PM 09-30-2014
Shield's is a man's man. He's saying it was the right move to pull him out because it's playoff baseball when you know damn well he doesn't feel that way. RESIGN THAT MAN!!!
bsroyals54 11:48 PM 09-30-2014
Hosmer on base 5 fuckin times tonight, unsung hero
tk13 11:49 PM 09-30-2014
Originally Posted by bsroyals54:
Hosmer on base 5 ****in times tonight, unsung hero
Absolutely. He had a monster game.
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