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The Lounge>Let’s talk about the Broncos
RunKC 05:54 PM 11-28-2021
Coming in with a full head of steam. First place on the line.

Only to be raped by us. Let’s make it 12 straight!
Mama Hip Rockets 06:21 PM 11-28-2021
Playing Andy Reid off a bye week? May God have mercy on their souls.
MMXcalibur 06:22 PM 11-28-2021
Originally Posted by ThyKingdomCome15:
Our D is better than DEN's D. Easy win. Wow, the NFL is looking brilliant for flexing that right now.
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smithandrew051 06:22 PM 11-28-2021
Hog's Gone Fishin 06:24 PM 11-28-2021
Originally Posted by Chieftain:
Win this game and 6th straight division title is pretty much a guarantee. Must win.
We gotta win the next three
King_Chief_Fan 06:29 PM 11-28-2021
Broncos will be amped and ready for next weeks game. They finally have something to play for.
Their issue is qb. oh, and Fangio!
HonestChieffan 06:45 PM 11-28-2021
Originally Posted by DomCasual:
is this the shit that replaced the mange?
TLO 06:48 PM 11-28-2021
Let's head over to the Orange Mane to....

RealSNR 06:54 PM 11-28-2021
What does the Orange Mane have to say about this game?

HonestChieffan 06:59 PM 11-28-2021
Bronco fan has a QB controversy.....

teddy vs dl
carcosa 07:08 PM 11-28-2021
Originally Posted by HonestChieffan:
that D is bigtime.....

I expect we can win but it will be a fight
siberian khatru 07:11 PM 11-28-2021

Andy Reid after the bye week

26-6 Overall *
19-3 Regular Season
7-3 Postseason
16-2 with #Eagles *
10-4 with #Chiefs *
7-1 with Mahomes *

*Includes postseason

— Nick Jacobs (@Jacobs71) November 29, 2021

BlackOp 07:14 PM 11-28-2021
Originally Posted by MMXcalibur:
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Two teams battling for first place DOES make a for more compelling storyline...amazing how everything fell in place with a last second flex.

NFL is just lucky...

Doinks will back to .500...just ratings fodder for a national broadcast.. Nobody takes them serious...even their own fans.

I know football fans, nationwide, are going to be on pins and needles to finally see Bridgewater play.
Buehler445 07:16 PM 11-28-2021
Fuck Donk Forever.

I hope we embarrass them bad enough they detonate their cheating fucking shitbag team.
InChiefsHeaven 07:22 PM 11-28-2021
Chiefs are fighting their way out of the hole they dug for themselves. This team is best when it's up against a wall. At home on SNF after a bye against the hated Donks...we should CRUSH them...
scho63 07:30 PM 11-28-2021
The Donks will do the way of the Orange Mane.
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