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View Poll Results: What to do with Brown?
Let him walk in free agency. He's not a good fit here. 1 5.00%
Tag & trade, like the Ravens did. 2 10.00%
Tag him, draft his replacement. See how it works in the coming year. 10 50.00%
Tag him, maybe hold off/definitely don't draft his replacement. 2 10.00%
Extend him, he's good enough to let Mahomes be Mahomes. 4 20.00%
I refuse to believe the rumors that Andy Reid has contracted Covid. 2 10.00%
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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>The Puzzle of Orlando Brown in 2022
Direckshun 11:16 AM 11-09-2021
Alright, so we're over halfway done with the season.

What should our decision be on Brown this upcoming offseason?

Obviously this is all tentative. But here we go.

Poll forthcoming.
RunKC 03:28 PM 11-11-2021
Originally Posted by Pitt Gorilla:
I mean, except for players like Orlando Brown.
So give him a shot and see if he continues to fit rather than just trying to draft another 3rd rd LT
htismaqe 04:20 PM 11-11-2021
Originally Posted by bevischief:
Since they all been playing crap.
Not true.
kccrow 07:38 PM 11-11-2021
Originally Posted by RunKC:
You’re not finding a quality LT outside the first rd. It just doesn’t happen often.

Tag him and see what happens. Then re-evaluate your options.
Yep, it's pretty rare. I'm not against taking a shot if there's an elite athlete you have the time to groom on technique, but you rarely get a guy there and especially one that you can use in year one.
Why Not? 10:55 AM 11-13-2021
Jury is still out for me. I wouldn't do anything with him (which Veatch won't) until we see how he does in the second half. His pass protection has been underwhelming thus far.
chiefforlife 09:39 AM 11-23-2021
This is really his first season as a LT in a pass first offense.

He is hungry and dedicated to his craft. He knows his weakness (speed rushers) and is working on it. I wish we had one more year on his contract but we will have to make a costly decision at the end of this year.

I would TAG him and give him another season to improve (at this time) but if he shows he can do it by the end of the season, sign him. I dont think it will take a new record setting contract to do it. He has found a home at the position he wants to play. LT money is big but it wont take Trent Williams money.

We have to many holes to fill to add another one right now especially since it would require a first round pick to do so.

First rounder needs to be a DE or WR.
[Reply] 10:02 AM 11-23-2021
I'd sign him to a LTD and be done with it.
Nightfyre 02:52 PM 11-24-2021
Sign Armstead, extend Brown, and Mahomes has a very comfortable mid-career.
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