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In Memoriam>RIP rockymtnchief
Bwana 08:25 AM 11-08-2021
I was going to wait on this a few days, but under the circumstances, I decided to post this up now. Wes, AKA Hondo passed away late Saturday night. He was like a brother and this one hits pretty hard.
I had a nice talk with his sister yesterday about everything. He was one tough guy and he hung in there for several months longer than the doctor's claimed was possible.

We shared a lot of shooting, beer's ATV rides, and a love of the Chiefs over the years. He was the kind of guy that if he liked you, he would give you the shirt off his back. (In this case literally, I learned he left me all his Chiefs gear) Hondo was the kind of guy to put everyone else first.

I'll have to double check the area for snow level. I'd like to take one last wheeling trip up Bridger Creek this year, dodge the grizzly's that are out trying to get their last meal and stash a bottle of Pendleton at a place on top of the mountain where we used to stop and just BS. I will hoist a shot to the heavens, say a few words and toast him, every time I head up there.

I'll post more stories along with some pictures in the the thread as it moves along.

RIP my brother, you were one of a kind and you will be deeply missed.
BigRichard 09:57 AM 11-08-2021
So sorry to hear this Bwana... I didn't know or meet him but saw posts on here by him. He definitely sounds like a class act and was loved. Hopefully everyone is finding some peace with his passing.
2112 09:59 AM 11-08-2021
RIP, sorry for your loss. Iíve had 3 of my friends pass away in the last 3 months. This is a bad bad year.
rabblerouser 10:00 AM 11-08-2021
I'm sorry for this news. RIP
digger 10:02 AM 11-08-2021
RIP, sorry for your loss.
bringbackmarty 10:03 AM 11-08-2021
Rip, sounds like he was a hell of a guy.
PHOG 10:05 AM 11-08-2021
Condolences to family and friends. RIP
Bwana 10:09 AM 11-08-2021
Another shot from Bridger Creek.
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scho63 10:14 AM 11-08-2021
This has been a punishing last 6-9 months around here.

So sorry to hear Bwana.
threebag02 10:20 AM 11-08-2021
RIP rockymtnchief

prayers to family, friends and loved ones...
Bwana 10:37 AM 11-08-2021
Hondo up by Cooke City at long Lake. He had bought his .500 Smith & Wesson Grizzly whisper, after shooting mine and liking it. We put a lot of lead through those hand cannons.

Bwana 10:40 AM 11-08-2021
Bridger Creek, one of our shooting areas.

srvy 10:41 AM 11-08-2021
Such sad news that another old guard CP'er has passed. I never met RockyMTNChief but through his posts here I liked him instantly. Just know cancer is going to hell and Wes Hondo RockyMTNChief is on his way to heaven.

In this life but few things matter
In this short time that we have here
Leaving nothing behind but our honor
The thing we hold most dear

Bwana 10:45 AM 11-08-2021
At one time he spent a lot of time riding bulls. He had some great stories of those days.

LiveSteam 10:47 AM 11-08-2021
RIP Wes.
Mountain ranges you traveled will never be the same.
Monty 10:56 AM 11-08-2021
Well done Bwana. This one hits pretty hard. Hondo was a hell of a guy and we've shared lots over the years as we connected on the Chiefs, telecom, the whole Wyoming/Montana thing, etc. I know he's in a better place now and the suffering is over.

Hondo, this is for you buddy. :-)

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