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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>2022 Draft: Who should we be watching on Saturdays?
Dante84 10:30 AM 10-07-2021
Admittedly, I don't really dig in deep on college football players until the season ends. For me, there's just too much noise, too many teams, too many players to really gauge anything beyond the obvious 1st round guys, especially when my attention is already super invested in the Chiefs & NFL.

That said, as I watch the Chiefs, my interest in thinking about our next draft gets me excited, so much to the point that I'm interested in carving out time mid-week (Wednesdays?) to try and watch some highlights.

So, who are you watching that would be a good fit for this roster next season? First round talent is great, but also some under the radar guys would be cool to get an early jump on.
Dante84 10:40 AM 10-07-2021
My interests:
+ A *fast* and *tough* mid-round (3rd?) RB (someone with game-breaking speed if our OL parts the sea like Moses, to counter CEH's higher volume of tough yards).
+ A solid early-round X-WR in case Gordon doesn't work out (likely).
+ A ball-hawk mid-round CB to hold down the side opposite of Sneed.
+ A fast and tough mid-round Safety/LB hybrid to replace Dirty Dan.
+ A late-first-round talent at Edge with a nice balance of speed and power

I feel like we are set at QB, TE, OL, & possibly DL.
I feel like Edge, CB & WR are our biggest needs.
I feel like a luxury pick would be an RB2 in the early-mid rounds.
mkp785 01:33 PM 10-07-2021
Edge by far is our biggest weakness. I still have faith in the secondary, there's too much talent there for them to play this badly the entire season. I think Badger resigns for something reasonable as well. Hopefully this Josh Gordon gamble pays off, if not I'd grab a WR in the 3rd. First 2 rounds need to be guys who can get after the QB. We'll (thankfully) be done with Frank after this year so we NEED to find a way to fix this problem.
Buehler445 09:06 AM 10-08-2021
I think DE is a good start. It’s hard though. Not too many college OL are NFL OL.

I thought Margus Hunt was going to rape faces because he looked like a fucking hint from Game of Thrones just slaughtering bitches. Turns out a little technique and he’s as effective as a common Lannister foot soldier.
Dante84 07:31 PM 10-09-2021
Isaiah Spiller (RB) is balling out right now for Texas A&M against Alabama.
kccrow 07:41 PM 10-09-2021
Watch Greg Bell, RB, from San Diego State. He flashes some nice skills.

WR Wan'Dale Robinson, Kentucky, has been fun to watch in his transfer from Nebraska. Romeo Doubs is still my guy in Nevada. NC State, WR, Emeka Emezie has been fun to watch.

Keep an eye on Devin Lloyd, LB, Utah as a 1st or 2nd round guy.

Jermaine Johnson, DE, Florida State transferred from Georgia and is tearing it up. Might end up too high for KC. Still really like Kingsley Engabare at that position late in the round.
Tribal Warfare 11:39 PM 10-10-2021

Kenneth Walker III hasn't fumbled in 315 carries (2019)

The longest streak in College Football

— PFF College (@PFF_College) October 10, 2021

Michigan State's Kenneth Walker III RB, he's Terrell Davis type with better top end speed
kccrow 09:10 AM 10-11-2021
Walker is probably a 1st round pick.
The Franchise 10:10 AM 10-11-2021
Stop with this RB bullshit. At least one taken high.
Tribal Warfare 10:54 AM 10-11-2021
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
Stop with this RB bullshit. At least one taken high.
Too risky!l!!! Like Javonte Williams., Can't just hope and pray a player in the 5th round is an all-pro sleeper. KC needs a Running game to pull in the coverage
Tribal Warfare 11:15 AM 10-11-2021
Originally Posted by kccrow:
Walker is probably a 1st round pick.

With work out warriors and sudden darkhorse draft crushes the RB position sweet spot will be 2nd and early 3rd round
kccrow 11:29 AM 10-11-2021
Originally Posted by Tribal Warfare:
With work out warriors and sudden darkhorse draft crushes the RB position sweet spot will be 2nd and early 3rd round
And I hope the Chiefs don't draft one until the 5th or later, honestly. There's always some cheap FA's out there and plenty of low-hanging fruit late. We don't need two high picks invested in RB, that's for damned sure.

If you want to take a stab at a true, long-term, X receiver early then that's a different story but not a RB. This team has legitimate holes to shore up the next two seasons defensively. Most of their draft resources need to go to that side of the ball.
DJ's left nut 10:07 AM 10-12-2021
Aidan Hutchinson is the one I'm watching most closely, DE out of Michigan, because he might be gettable.

Thibodeaux may well go 1.1 so who cares? Leal may well go top 5 to boot. Jordan Davis is a big ol' mauler of a DT but he's probably never going to be an asset rushing the passer so unless we end up late 1st, I can't see taking him.

George Karlaftis is the other guy who will maybe slide to us. I think he or Hutchinson go top 10 and the other guy slips a bit. Hard to tell yet how that's going to go though.

I like Drake Jackson out of USC but he may not have the length to be a 3-down guy and probably a little light to boot. But as a LEO? He might be a damn nice fit. Man he's explosive. Myjai Sanders has been a little disappointing thus far and didn't play last year due to COVID but was excellent in '19 and could still put together good tape this season. Adam Anderson is a more boom/bust version of Drake Jackson and may just not be a 4-3 guy, but again - the LEO makes things a little different if we choose to go that direction. Anderson could do it.

My present preference is probably:


And I'd be more than happy to take any of those guys in the 1st. I suspect one will make it to us or at least be within reasonable trade-up range. If Davis fell I'd be okay with the pick in the back of the 1st. He wouldn't be sexy but man, if Nnadi and Reed are as bad as they've looked, our problems at DT are as big as our problems at DE.
Urc Burry 04:02 PM 10-12-2021
I canít justify a rb before round 3

Our biggest need on offense is a YAC receiver. With everyone playing 2 deep and taking away our deep game, we need a receiver who can consistently when off the press and turn 5 yard receptions into 15+ yard gainers

Donít even know where to begin on defense. DT, DE, linebacker, safetyÖ you name it
kccrow 04:31 PM 10-13-2021
Going to throw Daxton Hill's (Michigan) name into the ring in the 2nd round at Safety.
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