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Pitt Gorilla 03:10 PM 04-10-2018
Not sure this deserves it's own thread, but damn, there is a lot of outstanding content on Amazon. I've had it for years and never really gave it a shot. The HBO and Funny or Die catalogues alone make it worth the while. The originals are simply value added. I've been watching:

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Eastbound and Down
Zach Morris is Trash

Things in my queue:

Man in the High Castle
The Tick
Sneaky Pete
Jack Ryan

Would like to re-watch:

Between Two Ferns
Parks and Rec

Anything you'd recommend from Prime Video? I feel like a kid in a candy shop (without the requisite time to actually enjoy all the candy...)
stumppy 03:30 PM 04-10-2018
Sneaky Pete kicks ass. One of my favorites.
Buehler445 03:58 PM 04-10-2018
I really love Bosch.
banecat 06:43 PM 04-10-2018
It was what I used to watch the Wire on. I liked their service a lot. I cancelled it when I moved. I plan signing back up soon. Decent music selection as well on there
Pitt Gorilla 09:00 PM 04-10-2018
Originally Posted by Buehler445:
I really love Bosch.
Ive heard nothing but good things about that show. Good call.
New World Order 10:04 PM 04-10-2018
Still nothing like some good ol' Unsolved Mysteries
keg in kc 10:12 PM 04-10-2018
All of Battlestar Galactica is on there.

The first two seasons of The Expanse are on there (season 3 starts on Syfy tomorrow - I think it's the best show on tv right now, including Legion).

It's the right time to start Bosch, there's a new season coming out Friday.

There's some good movies on there, too. I finally watched The Arrival today.
ThaVirus 11:17 PM 04-10-2018
They've got Batman: The Animated Series.

'Nuff said.
ThaVirus 11:18 PM 04-10-2018
They've also got some great classics. Bloodsport, Highlander, Total Recall, Kickboxer, Robocop, Running Man, Gremlins, all of the Indiana Jones movies, etc.
TimBone 02:16 AM 04-11-2018
Isn't Goliath an Amazon Prime original? My buddy says it's good.
Buehler445 05:27 AM 04-11-2018
Originally Posted by TimBone:
Isn't Goliath an Amazon Prime original? My buddy says it's good.
Oh hell. I forgot about that one. Also a good one and Iím no Billy Bob fan.
Hog's Gone Fishin 07:00 AM 04-11-2018
Same thing here ,I've had Amazon Prime for a year and never payed any attention to the movies. then I got a notice from amazon that said "Hey you Butt fucking moron. You're paying for prime. Watch the damn movies.

So the other day I watched "jungle". Very good.

I'm in.

I'm stoked you started this thread!
Otter 09:13 AM 04-11-2018
Been watching "The Tick" for some goofy, light hearted fun.
lcarus 09:16 AM 04-11-2018
They have Batman: The Animated Series and Unsolved Mysteries. And there's a show called I Shouldn't Be Alive that I've been watching.
kcxiv 10:33 AM 04-11-2018
Prime Video is really cool. I use it quite a bit. Right now i been watching Sporanos again, ALF (Yep, that ALF from the late 80's) and Entourage
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