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Hall of Classics>***OFFICIAL Kansas City Royals Vs. Oakland A's Post Season Wild Card Thread 9/30***
gblowfish 11:01 PM 09-29-2014
Let me start by saying,
I ****ING hate Oakland.
I especially despise the Oakland Raiders, Oakland Fans, and today I especially despise their weak ass, carpetbagging "Oakland "A's" baseball team.
Glad you asked.
I'll tell you why:
Because I'm old enough to remember what happened here, and what has been stolen from us as a city.

Let me tell you a story from a long time ago:

Why Not? 12:54 AM 09-30-2014
Originally Posted by L.A. Chieffan:
Art Howe died? Wtf?
That was my first thought as well
Why Not? 12:55 AM 09-30-2014
In. Heard some interviews w BGJ today. Dude seems totally locked in and confident. I think he's gonna rape
Anyong Bluth 02:17 AM 09-30-2014
What are things I wasn't sure if I would see on CP in the remainder of my life.

Happily proven wrong.

Shit just got really real, and I totally am not even close to being willing to see the Royals season come to a close!

Let's Go Royals!

Plus, I think it would only be fitting and gracious to see us advance since we did have the A's pried away from our town to Oakland just as that club peaked to go on some fairly significant runs in the postseason, including a couple World Series wins under their belt.
SPchief 02:43 AM 09-30-2014

J Diddy 02:46 AM 09-30-2014
Awesome history lesson. Thanks.
ChiTown 04:55 AM 09-30-2014
FUCKING EPIC!!! Thanks, George

LETS GO ROYALS!!!!!!!!!!
Archie F. Swin 05:37 AM 09-30-2014
phuck catfish hunter
phuck rickey henderson
phuck jose canseco
phuck dennis eckersley
phuck mark mcguire
phuck billy beene
phuck money ball

to the mutherphucking SHIP

I'm in, ballz deep!!!
Paniero 05:40 AM 09-30-2014
Gonna be hard to wait until 7 tonight.
Unsmooth-Moment 06:07 AM 09-30-2014
It'll be a long day. Let's go Royals!
Al Bundy 06:34 AM 09-30-2014
My stomach is already in knots.
Archie F. Swin 06:48 AM 09-30-2014

Big Smoke 06:53 AM 09-30-2014
In for what will be an extremely long day.
WilliamTheIrish 07:03 AM 09-30-2014
George... Pretty decent history lesson.

For the rest of you, please refer to the 1986 Bill James Baseball Abstract for the long version of this story. It'll make you laugh. And cry.

29 years George. Nothing will stop me from being there.
Red Dawg 07:13 AM 09-30-2014
So this is it? Onegame and if they win they play the sox?
Archie F. Swin 07:15 AM 09-30-2014
Originally Posted by Tuckdaddy:
So this is it? Onegame and if they win they play the sox?
Yep, the Angel Sox
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