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Stryker 07:10 AM 06-10-2021
This looks like a serious we're sorry for Battlefield 5!

Imon Yourside 02:03 PM 06-16-2021
Originally Posted by Rausch:
That's why I like PVE on Ark and I'm looking forward to Valheim. I'd prefer to build something with people over repeatedly shooting each other in the face and taking things away from people.

Perhaps my old age, I don't know. I think it's more fun to say "Hey, see that? Me and Fish and Fatzod built that thing. Look at that."
Yup I fire up the Ark server with my buds once in a while, I'm hoping Ark 2 uses the same model with improved graphics should be a good time. :-)
Pants 10:03 PM 06-16-2021
Originally Posted by Ceej:
I've not been able to get into games for a long time.

But this is definitely intriguing me.

It'd be cool to have a CP squad.

I remember playing COD with Pants, HawkInHutch and a couple of other guys from here years ago. It was always a good time.
Yeah, man. Those were some good days.
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