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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>With OTAs approaching, this was our offseason.
Direckshun 09:17 AM 05-09-2023
Retirements: QB Chad Henne

The Chiefs cut: DE Frank Clark

The Chiefs let walk: RB Ronald Jones, FB Michael Burton, WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR Mecole Hardman, OT Orlando Brown Jr., OT Andrew Wylie, DT Khalen Saunders, DE Carlos Dunlap, S Juan Thornhill

The Chiefs signed: OT Jawaan Taylor (Jaguars) to a 4 year, $80m deal ($40m guaranteed), DE Charles Omenihu (49ers) to a 2 year, $16m deal ($8.6m guaranteed)

The Chiefs signed to minimum deals: QB Blaine Gabbert, WR Richie James, OT Donovan Smith, DT Byron Cowart, LB Drue Tranquill, S Mike Edwards

The Chiefs re-signed to minimum deals: RB Jerick McKinnon, WR Justin Watson, TE Blake Bell, OG/C Nick Allegretti, DT Derrick Nnadi, S Deon Bush

The Chiefs did this in the draft:

1. DE Felix Anudike-Uzomah, Kansas State
2. WR Rashee Rice, SMU
3. OT Wanya Morris, Oklahoma
4. DB Chamarri Conner, Virginia Tech
5. DE B.J. Thompson, Stephen F. Austin
6. DT Keondre Coburn, Texas
7. CB Nic Jones, Ball State

Notable UDFAs:

RB Deneric Prince, Tulsa
DE Truman Jones, Harvard
QB Todd Centeio, James Madison
staylor26 09:54 AM 05-10-2023
I don't think people realize how fucking awesome Charles Omenihu and Drue Tranquill are going to be. And Mike Edwards is just a rock solid replacement for Thornhill.
Shoes 10:12 AM 05-10-2023
Originally Posted by staylor26:
I don't think people realize how ****ing awesome Charles Omenihu and Drue Tranquill are going to be. And Mike Edwards is just a rock solid replacement for Thornhill.
I would also add Richie James being a very sneaky pickup. His target share and yards on a piss poor Giants passing attack could translate into very solid numbers in KC. I think his impact will surprise a lot of Chiefs fans.
Direckshun 11:18 AM 05-10-2023
Originally Posted by staylor26:

The Chiefs had 3 major needs going into the offseason. OT, WR, and DE.

They added:

Jawaan Taylor (best RT on the market)
Donovan Smith (one of the best LTs on the market)
Wanya Morris (3rd round pick)

Richie James (sneaky good bargain signing)
Rashee Rice (2nd round pick)
Along with year 2 for Toney and Moore

Charles Omenihu (arguably the best young DE in FA)
Felix Anudike-Uzomah (1st round pick)
BJ Thompson (5th round pick)

They absolutely attacked those needs, and potentially got a lot better and deeper at all 3.

They also had a couple of really good under the radar second wave signings in Tranquil and Edwards.

It was a fantastic offseason. The only thing missing is a FA vet DT, and I think that's the last domino that will fall before camp.

I swear time is a flat circle. The same people say the same stupid shit like the reeruned OP, and Veach proceeds to drag his nuts across their face.
What they added is not the same as problem solved.

The Chiefs had, in my opinion, four major needs. I would add DT to the list you put up.

I have concluded from the gun that Veach did a strong job at DE this offseason. I really like the Umenihu addition and the FAU draft pick. [I think everybody needs to get off the BJ Thompson signing, however. That dude is a special teamer for Toub, period. If he logs three sacks in non-garbage time over the course of his career I'll change my ChiefsPlanet font to Comic Sans for a full calendar year. He's a less physically gifted Joshua Kaindoh.]

But the other three positions: tackle, wide receiver, and defensive tackle... I think you could make the argument the Chiefs have at best held serve at those positions, and I think you could make the argument that they are worse for each of them.

LT: Brown, LG: Thuney, C: Humphrey, RG: Smith, RT: Wylie
LT: Smith, LG: Thuney, C: Humphrey, RG: Smith, RT: Taylor

That second line is maybe worse than the first one, because Smith is going to be really bad at left tackle. We need to call a spade a spade there. I'll be straight up shocked if he doesn't get benched at some point.

WR: JuJu, MVS, Toney, Hardman, Moore, Watson
WR: Toney, MVS, Moore, James, Rice, Watson

I think those are about the same levels of talent; I may give a slight edge to the first group but it's negligible.

DT: Jones, Saunders, Nnadi, Williams, Wharton
DT: Jones, Nnadi, Wharton, Coburn, Cowart

I definitely think that first line is better than the first one.

There is a nuanced discussion to be had here. To say the Chiefs had a "meh" offseason is not the same as saying their offseason was horrid or that the Chiefs are collapsing.

But what it is saying, some people who drink from the fountain of Veach cannot fathom, which is that the offseason under-delivered.
staylor26 11:32 AM 05-10-2023
Sure you "can argue" that they've gotten worse at OT and WR, but that doesn't mean it would be a good one.

Last year, the Chiefs didn't have a OT that they could leave on an island. They can absolutely do that with Taylor on the right side. You're only as strong as your weakest link, and a healthy Smith isn't worse than Wylie.

As for WR, it's not just about the additions they've made this offseason. It's the investments they've made over the last year. Toney and Skyy are going to be much better, and when you throw in Rice/James, I think that offsets losing JuJu and a guy who didn't even play the last half of the season aside from the AFCCG.

All of our WRs aside from Hardman were in year 1 with Pat last year. Most of those guys are now going into year 2. That room has more talent and more experience with Pat than last year's group.

It's only a "meh" offseason because your shit mock offseasons turned out to be just that. You're never close because you're a dipshit and the Chiefs actually know what they're doing.
Mecca 11:52 AM 05-10-2023
Originally Posted by staylor26:
I don't think people realize how fucking awesome Charles Omenihu and Drue Tranquill are going to be. And Mike Edwards is just a rock solid replacement for Thornhill.
With the way Edwards plays and how this team is generally ahead, I could easily see him leading the league in INTs.
RunKC 12:39 PM 05-10-2023
Sorry Shun. You lost me on the comparison to OTís. Jawaan Taylor is a big upgrade over Wylie. Remember both Orlando and Wylie had over 6% pressure rate. They led the league in pressures given up by an OL.

Simply getting Taylor helps significantly bc one side is locked down. Taylor gave up less than 3% pressure rate in an Andy Reid scheme last year. He was an ideal fit.

I get youíre down on Smith but to me heís close to a scratch with Orlando. Orlando gave up over 40 pressures last year. Watch the Bengals championship game again. They protected him the entire game bc of how bad he was.

If Smith is that bad at least it will be equal for less pay and they can help with chips while not worrying about the other side.

Really the big negative was that Veach said they were looking for the long term LT. At this present time he hasnít found one.
Pitt Gorilla 02:49 PM 05-10-2023

JPH83 05:53 AM 05-11-2023
I love to make early (bad) predictions as much as the next person...but we don't really know how to judge this offseason until we see how the year pans out, surely. There's draft picks I like more or less but who knows. There's areas we targeted and might work out great or be a problem.

I DO think you can say that where we lost people in high value roles we did try and address that. We don't know if the OT, WR and DE moves work out, but we do know attempts were made. At this point it's all you can ask. If Veach had got a CB and expensive DT in FA we could probably say it was an odd offseason.

Personally I also think a general focus on young-ish and hopefully ascending talent in FA is a good philosophy. We haven't gone for older players, we haven't looked to reclaim guys with bad injury records. We haven't expected a guy to magically return to form (I dunno, maybe Smith is that guy) for the most part. Might not work out but I feel like the strategy was sound. The one aspect I'm meh on is the DT position, it feels under-resourced. But everything else makes sense to me.
tmax63 06:36 AM 05-11-2023
Combine posts 21 and 23 and you get where I'm at. Did they go out and make a splash signing? Maybe JT at RT but most of them had people that know saying "that's a sneaky good pick-up for the champs". OBJ wasn't worth the offer he turned down last year, wasn't good enough this year for the Chiefs to actively try to keep him around and he signed with the opposition for the best offer anyone would give him. He was/is good most of the time but nothing to get your panties in a twist over losing him.
Delano 08:16 PM 05-11-2023
Originally Posted by Pitt Gorilla:
Coburn needs a damn three-stall garage to park. Shit that kid is wi d e.
BryanBusby 09:17 AM 05-12-2023
Originally Posted by Direckshun:
Would I be the most hated man on this board if I said this was a fairly underwhelming offseason? It wasn't bad, but it was.. meh.

Veach absolutely nailed one thing: he bodied out the EDGE position.

The tackle position, which started the season with a question mark, is still a massive question mark. The WR position, which started the season as a question mark, is still a massive question mark. The DT position, which started the position as a question mark, is still a massive question mark.

He pushed more Mahomes money down the road, although not that much. And it sounds like the Chiefs haven't even engaged in extending Chris Jones. They may have even entertained conversations in trading him, which is why Jones tweeted that he wouldn't play anywhere else, in order to kill the trade market for him.

I really loved the Chiefs first two draft picks, but I strongly feel the Chiefs will regret Wanya Morris. They've now got two third round draft picks to play right tackle, and neither is ready now, nor perhaps will they be in the coming year. The late rounders all felt like special teamers, which, fine. The team needs core special teamers. Coburn was a good pick, however, and I'm enjoying the word of mouth leaking out of camp and from film-watchers on Nic Jones. FAU was a good draft pick, and is going to make the team better immediately and in the long run. But the refusal to trade up for the players they really wanted may end up biting them in the end. (Of course, I have my own suspicions for all that, but we don't need to relitigate that.)

I do think the biggest issue with Veach's offseason is that all his swings at WR failed to work out. And of course, the biggest gamble at all, in letting OBJ walk to the Bengals for basically $6m/year less than what we were offering, in order to sign a right tackle and hand the left tackle to a guy we signed in May for $4m, is sketchy at best, and disastrous at worst.

This all being said, Reid is going to figure this out. By December, my speculation is that Donovan Smith will probably not be on the field, Taylor will be at LT, and the team will make do with Niang at RT. Mahomes is operating at Prime Mahomes levels right now and will somehow make this weirdo WR room look far better than they are. The team's run game will slow down a lot due to the downgrade at runblocking at the tackle positions, but Mahomes is going to materialize wins and keep the Chiefs in the hunt. I believe they will be in the AFCCG again.

The problem is the path to get there. It's going to take a lot of bruises, and some losses, to get this team into its final form. And that may mean sacrificing home field advantage in the playoffs. The Bengals didn't collapse this offseason, the Bills are barely under the cap and will have Von Miller back, and the Jets are my sleeper team.

But so long as Mahomes is healthy, I cannot bet against him in the playoffs (except against an absolutely jacked Eagles team). I just feel like they could have surrounded him with a better team entering the season than the one we currently have.
Were you expecting rainbow ponies and unicorns? They won the fucking Super Bowl. They already are the best team.

Not a lot of room to improve from 'the best'
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