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Nzoner's Game Room>*****The Skyy Moore Thread*****
Dante84 06:44 PM 04-29-2022
More to come!

Skyy Moore: 91.8 PFF Grade last season

�� 1st among all WRs in College Football

Patrick Mahomes has a new weapon ��

— PFF Fantasy Football (@PFF_Fantasy) April 30, 2022

Patrick Mahomes is going to have a lot of fun throwing to Skyy Moore. Wins right off the line with great hands. Lots of smiles in Kansas City.

— Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) April 30, 2022

New Chiefs (!!) WR Skyy Moore in #ReceptionPerception:

- Ranked 2nd among charted prospects in success rate vs. man (75%) and press coverage (75.7%)
- Led all prospects in success rate vs. zone coverage (88.1%)
- He can play inside and outside

— Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon_BYB) April 30, 2022

With the 54th Pick in the 2022 NFL Draft the @chiefs Select @skyymoore24 ��⚪️ @NFLDraft @NFL @nflnetwork @WMU_Football @espn @SportsCenter @210ths

— Prospect Media (@prospectmedia_) April 30, 2022

MahomesMagic 06:51 PM 04-29-2022
How many slot wrs do we need?
Iconic 06:51 PM 04-29-2022
Underrated. Sky will be proving A LOT of CP haters wrong it seems.
BryanBusby 06:51 PM 04-29-2022
Skyy makes so much sense.
Skyy God 06:51 PM 04-29-2022
I like the pick.
jjchieffan 06:51 PM 04-29-2022
It's going to be an ongoing discussion for a while around here with the guys that went between 50&54. Hope that Veach got the best one.
louie aguiar 06:51 PM 04-29-2022
Bl00dyBizkitz 06:52 PM 04-29-2022
oldandslow 06:52 PM 04-29-2022
Absolutely love this pick.
staylor26 06:52 PM 04-29-2022
Originally Posted by MahomesMagic:
How many slot wrs do we need?
He can line up outside too.

He’s not a slot only guy.
louie aguiar 06:52 PM 04-29-2022
He will always be compared to Pickens
kcpasco 06:52 PM 04-29-2022
I wanted size at wr but I’ll admit I know nothing about this kid.
Chris Meck 06:52 PM 04-29-2022
well, ok.

I will defer to Veach and Reid.

Moore's not a guy I really get, but ok.
Rasputin 06:53 PM 04-29-2022
Originally Posted by staylor26:
I know people are going to hate this pick, but they’ll come around to it

Skyy Moore is going to be a good WR.

I promise.

I'll like it as long as TEX and Cumo and DTViecong hates it.
Best22 06:53 PM 04-29-2022
Love it
carcosa 06:53 PM 04-29-2022
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