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Patteeu Memorial Political Forum>Insanity of the progressive woke crowd repository
mr. tegu 06:33 AM 06-02-2021
There are lots of stories or examples of things going on that come out pretty frequently displaying the insanity of the progressive woke lunatics that dont necessarily need their own thread or fit into one of the other existing threads. Post them here.
tooge 01:13 PM 07-05-2021
Originally Posted by displacedinMN:

Name it Lake Shore Drive By
Just Passin' By 08:36 PM 07-05-2021

Pinterest has made a powerful decision to no longer display weight loss ads, language or imagery.

— ABC News (@ABC) July 5, 2021

Pinterest bans weight loss ads, promotes 'body acceptance'
Bob Dole 09:14 PM 07-05-2021
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:

Pinterest bans weight loss ads, promotes 'body acceptance'
Don't want to piss off the foodies.
mr. tegu 09:31 PM 07-05-2021
Its amazing how so many of the things the insane promote are things that encourage people to strive for and accept mediocrity at best without bettering oneself. Not coincidentally those personality characteristics are congruent with many of the things people deal with that the far left likes to blame on others. Quite the self fulfilling prophecy.
displacedinMN 08:12 AM 07-06-2021
Covering I-94 because it went through a black neighborhood when it was built


displacedinMN 07:05 AM 07-07-2021
Boycott Toyota

From Dana Milbank, today's made me smile. "Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand, will add a new line to its IS, ES and LS sedans to appeal to those who get their news from Fox News: The Lexus BS."

— Mike Grubman (@MikeGrubman) July 7, 2021

tooge 09:33 AM 07-07-2021
Originally Posted by displacedinMN:
Covering I-94 because it went through a black neighborhood when it was built

That neighborhood will be shit in 5 years.
displacedinMN 11:01 AM 07-07-2021
Originally Posted by tooge:
That neighborhood will be shittier in 5 years.
displacedinMN 07:48 PM 07-08-2021
Again, trees are equitable and racist.

Originally Posted by :
Originally Posted by :
Just as St. Paul is ramping up efforts in its long and storied struggle to combat emerald ash borer by removing ash trees across the city, a national report is pointing out disparities in leafy canopies among neighborhoods nationwide, including locally.

A new Tree Equity Report by the nonprofit American Forests, which reveals tree cover disparities along race and class lines in many cities, gave St. Paul an equity score of 83, which indicates the city is performing well overall, but with some neighborhoods lacking suggested tree cover.

The biggest disparities are on private property, however, not city boulevards and parks, according to city officials.

The importance of equitable tree coverage has grown in recent years as concern for climate change and heat islands grows.

It has become a point of concern particularly in St. Paul, where emerald ash borer was first discovered in Minnesota, in the south St. Anthony Park neighborhood in 2009. Though many communities across the state have battled with the invasive species, St. Paul has particularly struggled.

The city approved an $18 million dollar bonding bill from the Port Authority in June to fight the crisis. Forestry professionals hope to control the proliferation of the destructive beetle and get back to planting, not removing trees.

A neighborhood with fewer trees is significantly hotter than a neighborhood with more trees. One tree can give off the effect of ten room-sized air conditioners, said Karen Zumach, Director of Community Forestry at Tree Trust, a Twin Cities nonprofit that works to grow the urban forest and new jobs.

The national report, released last month, sets a goal of getting every neighborhood block group in a city to a score of 75 or higher, based on how tree canopy and surface temperature align with factors such as income, race, employment, age and health. In St. Paul, 42 of 249 block groups fell below 75.

Minneapolis scored slightly higher overall with a score of 86. Of the 378 block groups there, 49 fell below 75.

The report estimates that 69,889 trees would need to be planted in St. Paul to get each block to an equity score of 75. Neighborhoods in St. Paul with higher populations of people of color or lower incomes have fewer trees and a lower equity score compared to neighborhoods with fewer residents of color or people in poverty.

Rachel Coyle, who manages the city's forestry work group within the parks department, said that the work group is aiming to plant a canopy cover citywide. The report doesn't account for the difference between public and private tree canopy, she pointed out.

"While we are responsible for the urban forest, we can really only plant on public properties. We can promote the planting of trees on private property, but we can't necessarily make that happen," Coyle said.

Canopy cover is pretty equitable in parks and along streets, she said: Every open site is planted regardless of neighborhood.

The department does outreach with specific neighborhoods to promote planting on private lands, she added.

Zumach, who also serves as the vice president of the Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Committee (MnSTAC), agreed that there has been a significant effort in equity on public lands, with the biggest discrepancies on private lands.

Neighborhoods with less tree canopy are often lower-income areas made up of more rental properties, where tenants have less power to plant a tree on a property that's not their own, Zumach said.

Property owners who do plant trees will see an increase in property value, in addition to all of the larger neighborhood benefits trees provide, she said.

"We have that component, we have that reduced energy cost, we have the improvement in the air quality throughout the community, where those trees are planted," Zumach said.

But achieving equity is complicated by emerald ash borer, as St. Paul and other cities lose trees and face devastation on private land, too, Zumach said.

"We're all losing trees pretty equally across the cities right now, because of emerald ash borer, which doesn't really care if you're in a high income or a low income area of the city," Zumach said. "That tree is more than likely going to die unless it's been treated."

Now, cities can be even more intentional and equitable about where replacement trees are planted.

"I think the tree equity score is a really useful tool to open the eyes of those who are making decisions on where money is spent in communities. We know that we can see where trees aren't," Zumach said. "Working with community groups and neighborhood groups, and those who are working really hard on the ground to help make that change, I think is really important."

Zo Jackson is a reporter covering St. Paul and its neighborhoods for the Star Tribune. 612-673-7112 • @zoemjack

displacedinMN 10:13 AM 07-09-2021
Bug experts are dropping the common name of a destructive insect because it's considered an ethnic slur: the gypsy moth.

The Entomological Society of America, which oversees the common names of bugs, is getting rid of the common name of that critter and the lesser-known gypsy ant. The group this week announced that for the first time it changed a common name of an insect because it was offensive. In the past they've only reassigned names that weren't scientifically accurate.

"It's an ethnic slur to begin with that's been rejected by the Romani people a long time ago,'' said society president Michelle S. Smith. "Second, nobody wants to be associated with a harmful invasive pest."

The society is taking a hard look at some of the more than 2,000 common insect names to remove derogatory and geographically inaccurate names. About 20 years ago, a committee of fish experts renamed the jewfish into the goliath grouper.

The moths are invasive and destructive critters in the caterpillar stage. They have a voracious appetite that can denude entire forests of leaves, said University of Illinois entomologist May Berenbaum, a past society president.

The moths likely got their name because as larvae they have hair with small air pockets that act like balloons allowing them to float for miles, wandering like the group of people they were named after, Berenbaum said. Another theory is that male adult moths have a tan color that could be similar to Romani people.

The Entomological Society is now on the hunt for a new common name, a process that will take months, Smith said. Until then, even though it's a mouthful, Smith said the moths should be called by their scientific name, Lymantria dispar or L. dispar.

Berenbaum — who has written about weirdly named plants, animals and gene mutations — said given the moths' destructiveness, she and other would have some ideas for a descriptive new name.

"You're not allowed to use obscenities," she said, "so that's out."
Baby Lee 10:57 AM 07-09-2021
If gypsy is a slur, shouldn't the offended party be Egyptians? Gypsy itself is a misattribution, like Indian for Native American, where Europeans thought the Romani immigrated from Egypt, rather than Northern India.

So if thinking people are Egyptian is slurring them, doesn't that notion itself slur Egyptians?

Gypped, as in swindled by Gypsies, is a slur. But this is the first I'm hearing that Gypsy itself is a 'slur.'
Prison Bitch 11:34 AM 07-09-2021

Bowser 11:47 AM 07-09-2021
Lol, pathetic. As in laugh-out-loud-pathetic.

AOC can't win because she's a socialist and has retarded political takes, but nobody (that reads The Guardian op-ed pieces, anyway) cares about that. Keep stoking those division fires on all fronts at any costs, that's the goal here. Plus Orange Man's offspring are Bad.
Just Passin' By 08:27 PM 07-10-2021
More of the Jacobins are getting nervous.

Originally Posted by :
...“And yet, in this pendulum-swinging society that we’re in, you wonder at some point if only Danish princes can play Hamlet. It is, I believe, too restrictive. People are looking for ‘gotcha’ moments and to criticize,” Penn said.

In addition to questioning the standards of who gets to be cast in a given role, O’Brien and Penn discussed cancel culture. Penn went so far as to call it “ludicrous” and “Soviet”-like...
Sean Penn Blasts Woke/Cancel Culture: “you wonder at some point if only Danish princes can play Hamlet”
Bob Dole 11:44 AM 07-11-2021
Originally Posted by :
One tree can give off the effect of ten room-sized air conditioners, said Karen Zumach
If this is true, it should be about 60 degrees in my front yard instead of 95.
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