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Reerun_KC 04:38 PM 11-14-2021
Is there anyone is to DCS flight sim.

My son and I are looking to build a complete gaming setup with multiplayer server. These systems will be all VR and network will be all fiber.

Money isn’t the issue as we’re gonna take our time and research it to death before we buy anything.

So has anyone ever built a flight sim using DCS.
Buehler445 04:53 PM 11-14-2021
Someone posted a video of one probably 4 years ago. The technology should be there. Probably a ton of gotchas in terms of switches and shit, but it should work.
Demonpenz 04:23 PM 11-17-2021
have you tried VR yet? I would rather get a huge monitor one screen than do VR.
HC_Chief 04:28 PM 11-17-2021
Growling Sidewinder (YouTube) has some killer DCS vids, including a few VR setup vids.

DCS looks so wicked; I just never had the time to dedicate to it (still don't). It is as in-depth a game as I've ever seen. A VR setup would be super badass, esp. with the newer generation VR headsets with minimized screen-door & god-ray issues.

Couple of vids:

And one from OperatorDrewski (really good Arma pilot/gamer):
Demonpenz 09:39 PM 11-17-2021
Growling sidewinder is awesome name
Dayze 10:29 PM 11-17-2021
Wags is a good one too.

My goal the next year or two is to get a console set up that can do DCS, ATS, MSFS.

maybe a driving game or two.

DCS looks kick ass. I"m a nerd when it comes to process, or as the pilots in the Navy called it "left had switch-ology".

I had a goal to build a console last year, but Jesus Christ.....prices were crazy. I assume they'll still be crazy, but maybe not 'as' bad. I have a budget of about probably 1k-1500 for a console, + and additional bit of $ for monitor / desk/mounting/race sim etc..
Demonpenz 08:27 PM 11-19-2021
People sell their shit all the time as they lose interest in sim racing or flight sims.
Reerun_KC 02:13 PM 11-25-2021
Originally Posted by Demonpenz:
have you tried VR yet? I would rather get a huge monitor one screen than do VR.
Yes have flown DCS f18 in VR. Just like real flying that we experience. We’re going all in via VR with the best VR googles on the market etc.

But will have a nice Big monitor per gaming pc.