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TimBone 09:41 PM 04-17-2016
Anyone that has spent a fair amount of time on ChiefsPlanet realizes that itís a pretty unique message board. Since 2000, AustinChief has provided a site for Chiefs fans of all types, from locations all over the world, to convene and discuss not only the chiefs, but anything else that might be on their mind.

While AustinChief is much appreciated, he isnít the only person that deserves recognition. There are many people that have done their part over the years in turning ChiefsPlanet into the best and most diverse Chiefs message board on the internet. From the beginning, certain posters have put forth their time and effort to making ChiefsPlanet a better community. Whether itís through social functions, ChiefsPlanet content, or even through their internet personality, certain members have done enough to stand out above the rest. We want to take the time to honor those that have helped to mold and shape ChiefsPlanet over the years.

The following posters are being inducted in to the ChiefsPlanet Hall of Fame as the class of 2000 for their wide variety of contributions both to the message board and at ChiefsPlanet social functions. Congratulations, guys! Thanks for doing more than your fair share to make ChiefsPlanet a great online community.

Logical - Founding member and consistent contributor. Served as a mod for many years and was the first ever to ban Clay. Traveled to Planet functions and was very generous with his financial contributions to the board.

Phobia - One of the Planet's founders, active in 37 Forever, hosted tailgates and Planet functions at his own home, served as moderator/admin for many years. Worked on a number of CPers' homes and even offered some jobs. Has met more CPers than anyone else.

AustinChief - He owns the place, not sure what else needs to be said.

Bwana - Lives in Montana but has still traveled to Planet functions. Has served as a moderator for many years. Resident expert on outdoors, guns, and martial arts. Don't drive through his leaves.

stevieray - Extremely talented artist whose work can be seen all over the KC area and also donated two paintings for auction. Has attended many Planet functions. Was active in 37 Forever and he's practically a celebrity from his First Down Elvis days.

Bob Dole - Has attended nearly every CP bash, and is usually the life of the party at them. Was active with 37 Forever. Well known for wiping his ass with Buck's Charger hat and not responding to PMs. Served as moderator/admin for many years. Has never broken character.

cdcox - One of the CP's greatest minds. Created his own NFL prediction software and always kept the Planet informed on the Chiefs' playoff chances.

milkman - One of CP's favorite grumpy old men. Great football knowledge and has patience (most of the time) to explain things to us football dumbasses.

htismaqe - Served as a moderator for several years and drove football conversation.

Iowanian - May have been seen at a Planet function or tailgate or something of the sort. Best known for his strong midwestern work ethic and clever cut-downs. Poet laureate of Chiefs Planet.

DaneMcCloud - CP's Hollywood insider. Whether it's a movie star, rock star, or porn star, he usually has a story about them. Great football knowledge and also well known for his epic online throwdowns.

Dartgod - Has hosted tailgates and was active in 37 forever. Has run the Gambling Challenge for over 10 years, also attended many Planet functions. Almost always good for a laugh on any topic.

Mr. Laz - Another one of CP's grumpy old men. Has good football knowledge and drives conversation.

Bearcat - Has attended many Planet functions. Great technical knowledge and has served as moderator for many years. Also brought Bugeater a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt all the way from freaking Bangkok.

Dave Lane - Hosted CP on his own server for several years for free. Has had Astronomy related interactions with several CPers. Has set up a couple CPers with places to live for free while they got back on their feet. Organized CP flag football games. Edgy and controversial and also has the balls to post with his real name.

morphius - Has attended numerous Planet functions and has also served as (sometimes evil) moderator/admin for many years.

Committee Members

Dane McCloud
Dave Lane
Mr. Flopnuts 09:43 PM 04-17-2016
There's a bunch of worthless shit heads on that list. People who make the world an uglier place...

Oops!!! I forgot I'm on Chiefsplanet and not that shit hole site where the dude stalked Phobia and got pissed that Phobia made his wife fat. My bad. What a list of winners we have here!!! :-)

Thanks for laying the foundation for this wonderful little cesspool we have here today. RIP to Logical. I was blessed to have joined in time to see him in action.