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ROYC75 04:26 PM 08-12-2014
Discussion: All things Broncos.
Sofa King 07:49 PM Yesterday
That pussy Chubb is having surgery again I see. What a broke dick.
Superturtle 08:22 PM Yesterday
Jesus Christ
RunKC 08:27 PM Yesterday
He probably wonít be back to normal until December. It may not be until next year with a surgery.

#Broncos OLB Bradley Chubb's timetable to return will depend on how surgery to remove a bone spur goes on Wednesday. These are generally 6 to 8 weeks. So an extended absence for Chubb, who likely is headed to IR.

— Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) September 21, 2021

Rain Man 08:34 PM Yesterday
Has Chubb ever appeared in an NFL game?
jjchieffan 08:36 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by KranzDictum:
Hi Gang.

Just thought I would pop in and say hi.

It's good to get that first loss out of the way early, going into week 14 undefeated just puts so much pressure on the whole team.

Not having a great 2nd WR is going to hurt your O eventually, not that Sammy the Hammy was always available but you do punt a lot more when he isn't on the field. Your D looks suspect. I thought your DC adjusted nicely in the Browns game but not so much VS the Ravens. I guess you can't sell out to stop the QB Run if he starts a QB draw then pulls up with a jump pass. Harbaugh must have seen that open on tape from last week's loss.

I am sure you will go deep into the playoffs again. I would worry about the SB loss curse though. You are thin at a lot of spots.

Have a good one.
Look who showed up after the Chiefs lost a game. Right on cue. Douchebag. Go away!
Holladay 10:13 PM Yesterday
So predictable.

Going into the gutter...his wife thinks this as well.
Chief Pagan 10:22 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco:
I did a little it peer reviewed...and it turns out that the Jags are in fact a real NFL team. They check all the boxes. Real actually exists with uniforms, they are in an NFL division, and an NFL franchise. Crazy.
You know the real reason the Jags are afraid of moving to London.

Wait for it...

They know they would be relegated!
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