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Nzoner's Game Room>What Does Matt Cassel Mean To You?
MarkDavis'Haircut 09:48 PM 04-09-2020
Hey guys, long time no see.

Raiders fans are turning on Carr.

So I was wondering how long does it take before anger at a former QB disappears?

Thus, the question.
FAX 11:53 AM 04-10-2020
Originally Posted by Eureka:
He has played over the years with some of the worst defenses in NFL history.
Not to mention special teams, Mr. Eureka.

You can't hold that against him.

Wisconsin_Chief 11:59 AM 04-10-2020
I would not change a thing about Cassel's time here. His ungodly, outrageously inept attempt to pose as a starting QB exposed Scott Pioli as the complete and utter fraud he always was. Pioli pinned his entire career to Cassel and it sunk him like a tidal wave engulfing a row boat, which is exactly what he deserved. If Cassel had been even remotely competent, who knows how long Pioli could have continued to pillage this organization.

So in a way, I thank him for his role. Without him and Pioli completely tanking this franchise to the point of fan base revolt, we'd probably still be wallowing in mediocrity.

Enjoy your money, Matt. You earned every penny in a completely roundabout way.

Also, go to hell.

That about sums it up.
KChiefs1 12:13 PM 04-10-2020
Originally Posted by Mecca:

That is what it's like.......a dude has to throw it like a hail mary 35 yards out....

Classic moment in Chiefs history.
Hammock Parties 12:27 PM 04-10-2020
i believe it's time for cassel GIFs

Hammock Parties 12:29 PM 04-10-2020

Hammock Parties 12:30 PM 04-10-2020

Hammock Parties 12:33 PM 04-10-2020

New World Order 12:42 PM 04-10-2020
Hammock Parties 12:45 PM 04-10-2020

Hammock Parties 12:47 PM 04-10-2020

crayzkirk 12:54 PM 04-10-2020
I can't blame him for something he was incapable of doing. The people that signed him are the ones to blame. I was always disappointed that the Chiefs spent the better part of four decades simply giving up picks and money for players other teams didn't want.

He was a system QB and the Chiefs system at that time was not good for him.
BigChiefFan 01:55 PM 04-10-2020
I thought we had a chance with him, but the more I saw from him, the more it was apparent he wasn’t a franchise QB. I’m glad this era is done in Chiefs history. He sucks. Lol.
Peter Gibbons 01:59 PM 04-10-2020
Matt Cassel was a painful but acceptable loss in the war to rid us of Pioli.
Easy 6 02:05 PM 04-10-2020
He means nothing to me, that era is like a terrible childhood trauma that’s been buried deep in my subconscience

What was his name again?
mdchiefsfan 02:25 PM 04-10-2020
Originally Posted by L.A. Chieffan:
Way underappreciated.
:-) I completely forgot your “stance” on Cassel. Way to stick to it. That was some hilarious stuff.
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