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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>*** 2023 Draft Simulator Mocks ***
kccrow 09:05 PM 02-02-2023
Post all of our unrealistic, crap mocks from simulators here! :P

NFL Mock Draft Database Simulator Mock Draft Simulator

PFN Mock Draft Simulator

TDN Mock Draft Simulator (New Version Under Beta Testing Currently)

PFF NFL Mock Draft Simulator
BossChief 05:00 PM 03-25-2024
Donovan Smith and/or another addition at LT would be needed, but this would be a fun one.

32. Byron Murphy II DT Texas
64. Xavier Legette WR South Carolina
95. Bucky Irving RB Oregon
131.Tanor Bortolini OC Wisconsin
159. Erick All TE Iowa
173. Logan Lee DT Iowa
227. Dylan McMahon OG NC
BossChief 05:01 PM 03-25-2024
Originally Posted by DenverChief:
#32 - Adonai Mitchell - WR Texas
#61 - Ja'Tavion Sanders - TE Texas (Trade w/ Lions for Sneed)
#64 - Xavier Legete - WR South Carolina
#73 - Kiran Amegadjie - OT Yale (trade w/ Lions for Sneed)
#95 - Bucky Irving - RB Oregon
#131 - Maason Smith - DT LSU
#158 - Isaiah Davis - RB South Dakota State
#172 - Jarvis Brownlee - CB Louisville

Do we have any 2025 draft picks left?
VAChief 11:13 AM 03-26-2024
PRN Mock Simulator-no trades- wouldn't mind this outcome, would have preferred a different WR at 64, but like the value with Wilson, Wright and Johnson. Adds some explosion to the offense. Austin Reed could be a sleeper to add to QB depth in addition to whoever they get as a veteran QB2.

32.Jordan Morgan
OT Arizona

64.Xavier Legette
WR South Carolina

95.Johnny Wilson
WR Florida State

131.Jaylen Wright
RB Tennessee

159 Theo Johnson
TE Penn State

173.Elijah Jones
CB Boston College

227.Austin Reed
QB Western Kentucky
KC_Lee 06:44 AM 03-28-2024
Did a couple of trades on the NFL Mock Draft Database site, I could live with this but I am a well known ID 10 T when it comes to these things.

32: Nate Wiggins CB Clemson
64: T'Vondre Sweat DL Texas
111: Jermaine Burton WR Alabama
131: Cade Stover TE Ohio State
139: Zak Zinter IOL Michigan
159: Tommy Eichenberg LB Ohio State
173: Javon Foster OT Missouri
185: Javon Solomon EDGE Troy
221: Dylan Laube RB New Hampshire
The Franchise 01:11 PM 03-28-2024

gif upload site
duncan_idaho 09:45 AM 03-29-2024
NFL Mock Draft Database (Yes please)

1.32 Troy Fautanu, OT, Washington. I would race/laugh to the podium.
2.45 Xavier Legette, WR, South Carolina. Second round bulge of WRs was going, moved up using the extra 3rd in 2025 + 2024 2nd + a Day 3.
3.71 Maason Smith, DT, LSU. Moved up again to nab Smith. I'm still intrigued by his size, athleticism, and upside. Some pick swapping in 24 and 25 movement involved (other 25 3rd now gone).
4. 104 DJ James, CB, Auburn. James has the length and speed KC looks for. Just a stab, but think they'd go this route on Day 3 for someone that fits. (Got this pick in the trade for 3.71)
5. 131 Beaux Limmer, IOL, Arkansas. Insurance for Smith and Humphrey. Huge and athletic IOL.
5.159 McKinnley Jackson, DT, aTm. Big space-plugger. Just going BPA at this point.
7.221 Cornelius Johnson, WR, Michigan. He's got nice size and speed and explosiveness. Worth a shot towards the end.

I'd be absolutely giddy. And the NFL would be absolutely fucked.
Couch-Potato 05:20 PM 04-01-2024

1. WR Brian Thomas
2. DT T'Vondre Sweat
3. RB Trey Benson
4. WR Tahj Washington
5. OG Trever Keegan
5. DT Jordan Jefferson
7. RB Blake Watson
JohnnyHammersticks 10:29 PM 04-03-2024
Did some maneuvering to get a stud WR and break Bills' fans hearts again. Got the 14 from the Saints, then traded back to the spot in front of the Bills and snatched BTJ from out from under them. Side note: Didn't pick him in this mock but I'm really warming up to McConkey.

kccrow 02:05 AM 04-04-2024
I got my daily lols. Trade down in the 1st and the 2nd and still stacked. :-)

The Franchise 09:00 AM 04-04-2024
Did I trade out of the first round? Yes.
Did I give the Broncos the chance to draft a QB? Yes.
But I got their first round pick for it.

Toad 11:33 AM 04-04-2024
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
Did I trade out of the first round? Yes.
Did I give the Broncos the chance to draft a QB? Yes.
But I got their first round pick for it.

Most likely a top 5 pick in 2025, so that might be tempting (hypothetically)
The Franchise 12:24 PM 04-05-2024
Tried the trade with giving the Eagles 32 for 50 and 53.

50 Xavier Legette WR | South Carolina
53 Kamari Lassiter CB | Georgia
64 Kiran Amegadjie OT | Yale
95 Jaylen Wright RB | Tennessee
131 Ben Sinnott TE | Kansas State
159 Mason McCormick IOL | South Dakota State
173 Myles Cole EDGE | Texas Tech
221 Joe Milton QB | Tennessee
kozzman555 10:26 PM 04-05-2024
Only trade was trading one spot back in the 4th to pick up 207. Ngl, I would really like this draft. I figure Guyton and Zinter can develop (and heal for Zinter) for a year before starting. Burton and Cowing bring some things we don't have currently with Rice and Kelce. Sinnott has a chance to be pretty solid for us, maybe even a Kelce replacement years down the road, plus we get some good depth from Boyd and Richardson on the defense

Tyler Guyton
OT Oklahoma

Ben Sinnott
TE Kansas State

Jermaine Burton
WR Alabama

Jacob Cowing
WR Arizona

Zak Zinter
OG Michigan

Khristian Boyd
DT Nothern Iowa

DeCamerion Richardson
CB Mississippi State

Daijun Edwards
RB Georgia
GloucesterChief 11:11 AM 04-06-2024

Patrick Paul
OT Houston

Roman Wilson
WR Michigan

DeWayne Carter
DT Duke

Jarrian Jones
CB Florida State

Cade Stover
TE Ohio State

Isaac Guerendo
RB Louisville

Drake Nugent
OC Michigan

2025 CIN 2nd
2025 TB 3rd
2025 PHI 4th
Couch-Potato 08:44 PM 04-06-2024
This one required a few trades...

R1.21 WR Brian Thomas Jr
R2.53 WR Xavier Worthy
R3.71 RB Jaylen Wright
R4.131 TE Ben Sinnott
R5.138 OG Cooper Beebe
R5.159 ILB Michael Barrett
R7.221 NT Evan Anderson

Lol I love it!
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