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Media Center>Star Wars Episode IX - SPOILER THREAD
DaneMcCloud 09:46 PM 12-17-2019
Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker had its premiere last night at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. Non-Spoiler reviews and Twitter mentions are trickling out and they're overwhelmingly positive.

I'll be seeing the film Thursday night, 6:30pm PST but I'm not sure if I'll have time to post because we're traveling for the holidays, leaving at 4am the next morning. If I can't post Thursday evening, I'll get to it at some point over the weekend, maybe after I've seen it a second time.

It's a Spoiler thread but let's try to keep the real spoilery stuff in the Spoiler Tags through the weekend, just so we don't ruin the movie for someone that accidentally clicks on the thread.

Let's hear it! :-)
DJJasonp 03:06 PM 12-23-2019
Just got back from seeing it. Probably liked it the best of the last three.

Had to pee.......and wouldnt you know it, picked the time where rey sees Luke. Totally missed the "Force ghost" explanation.

And.....and maybe I dont have the same attention to detail as I used to.......but did anyone ever explain how Vader's burnt helmet made it's way from Endor into the hands of Ben Solo?
Hammock Parties 03:31 PM 12-23-2019
Originally Posted by DJJasonp:
did anyone ever explain how Vader's burnt helmet made it's way from Endor into the hands of Ben Solo?
It'll be EU stuff

Originally Posted by :
In The Perfect Weapon, Bazine is hired by a mysterious client to retrieve a mysterious package from the room of a former stormtrooper who fought at the Battle of Endor (depicted in Return of the Jedi).

The theory goes that the mysterious package is actually Darth Vaderís charred helmet, and that the mysterious client is Kylo Ren. Mind you, those last two details are not confirmed.

The Perfect Weapon never actually specifies who Bazine was working for or what she was hired to get. Still, itís as plausible an explanation as any weíve heard so far.

tk13 04:56 PM 12-23-2019
The whole thing kind of felt like Batman v Superman, so I shouldn't have been surprised the same guy helped write this. It was the exact same thing... a plot with some decent ideas but the whole thing was completely rushed. Just flew threw the plot at 100 mph.

Then to top it off, he pulled the EXACT same plot trick from BvS. You have this epic battle where this guy who is full of rage, ready to kill, and then he stops suddenly and doesn't attack, because of his mother, then completely has a change of heart. You don't get any sense that he's conflicted before that moment, he's the one trying to convert Rey, then poof. I'm a good guy now! It's exactly the same. Then he pulled out the exact same trick with Harrison Ford that he did with Kevin Costner coming back from the dead to talk to his conflicted son.

Granted I liked TLJ, but it was definitely better than this movie. There are a dozen other things I could point out but there's probably no point. I thought the parallels to BvS were funny. The action sequences and lightsaber battles were great though. And C3PO was very entertaining.
Hammock Parties 05:36 PM 12-23-2019
spot on :-)

Bowser 10:00 PM 12-23-2019
Holy shit :-)
Hammock Parties 11:41 PM 12-23-2019
I will say this.

I loved this.

Fuck Jar Jar Abrams for ridding us of any Ben Solo movies, though. I'd watch the shit out of that.

A Salt Weapon 01:00 AM 12-24-2019
Just saw it.
Here’s about all I can add,

I love the mild explanation to the “rule of two” I’m assuming that’s what the whole only two whatever the hell they were called paths to the home of the sith planet.

Rey’s tits looked fantastic.

Overall I enjoyed it but walked out feeling like it was just an action film with little substance. Except Rey’s tits looked fantastic.
Hammock Parties 01:13 AM 12-24-2019
Anakin scenes were cut by Kathleen Kennedy

I hate that bitch.
Hammock Parties 01:31 AM 12-24-2019
visual dic
InChiefsHeaven 10:09 AM 12-24-2019
As someone said earlier, this film was poorly written, the story sucked, but it was indeed entertaining. I left the theater going "Well, that's as much as I could have hoped for with these ****ers."

The whole problem with the Sequels started with the reboot of Episode 4. Honestly, the First Order should have been the small band of bad guys trying to worm their way back into power and the Republic (rebels) are the ones dealing with that plus some internal struggles. Instead, we get what we have already seen, with no explanation as to how the "first order" could get so damn big after the Empire dies along with the Emperor. I hated that.

Luke should have been shown as a Jedi Master training Ben, and then we see how and why Ben turns ( and not in a throw away 30 second scene). Han and Leah could have made a quick cameo before dying in some cool dignified way. The we're left with Luke, which is how our story really began in 1977. But no...

And on and on. The problem with Star Wars is that the ones with the money to make it (Disney) don't want to do anything fresh and risk the golden goose that was really over in 1984. I know you geeks and young millenial whipper snappers love all the other shit in the Star Wars universe, but I hate the fact that there was once a really neat little story that was told over 3 movies that gave us amazing characters and a really cool ending, and now they are exploiting the shit out of it to make a buck.

Oh, and TLJ was a total failure, there was a chance to save this POS franchise but RJ ****ed it up because he was so dead set on subverting everyone's expectations. I have no problem with that concept, but it was executed horribly. AFAIAC, TLJ was by far one of the worst of all the Star Wars films. Only Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones were worse...and maybe Sith too. God, I hated the prequels.

This Entertaining. Lazy as hell, but good actors and performances, mixed in with a cluster**** of a story. Tried to cram so much shit in it that I can't remember half of what the **** happened. I think they did that on purpose, because once you start questioning the logic of shit, the film is revealed for the farce that it is. So, keep cramming stuff in and move along as fast as possible so nobody notices. I honestly don't care if I see it again. Maybe I will, maybe I won't...I honestly don't care.

I will now move on with my life, done with the pile of shit that Star Wars has become. Don't care about Clone Wars, or Rebels, or Mandalorian (which I hear very good things about, but I'm just jaded as hell right now), or any of that shit. It's over. It's kind of freeing actually.
DaneMcCloud 11:29 AM 12-24-2019
I saw RoS again last night, this time at the B&B X screen in Olathe, which was as good or better a viewing experience Iíve ever had, including IMAX.

Since Iíd already seen it, I could sit back, relax and just enjoy it and surprisingly, I did just that: Enjoyed it. I enjoyed it knowing that it had a lot of plot holes and things that just didnít add up, so I just looked at it as a self-contained film and not the last of of 11 films overall.

In that regard, it was tight and taut, well acted, well produced and fun. The action never ceased and the choreography was pretty amazing. Everyone in our group of 14 people loved it, especially those that didnít ďlive and dieĒ Star Wars.

After the movie, I came to the realization that itís over: Not just the Skywalker Saga, but the Event, the magic that captured the world. Itís gone and itís extremely unlikely that Star Wars will ever rule the box office ever again.

In some ways, thatís liberating and I hope that Lucasfilm begins to concentrate on Standalone Stories like The Mandalorian and the other upcoming series as self-contained within the rules set forth by the films. If thats their goal, itís attainable.

If their goal is to create another mind blowing multigenerational epic without having the source material in place, theyíre going to fail and fail hugely, like massive box office losses.

Time will tell if theyíve learned the lesson or not...
Son of Logical 11:29 AM 12-24-2019
I really think ROS fails in the exact opposite way of the PM and AOTC. The prequel movies had great stories that failed in dialog/performance. ROS had a crap story with good dialog/acting.
Chiefspants 11:52 AM 12-24-2019
I saw it again.

I’ve accepted it for what it is. There were a few moments in this movie that made me want to stand up and cheer - but the whole movie felt like we were being lightspeed skipped from one point to another while the characters kindly explained the next part of the plot to us as it happened.

“Rey is on a skiff! So is another character!”

“Let me explain that if you kill me, you will become me! Oh, you’re not killing me - I’ll just take your life force then!”

It is what it is. My brother loves BB-8 and my students for the most part love Star Wars too. TLJ is my favorite of the new films, and as stated above, the trilogy had a lot working against it the moment JJ was allowed to remake A New Hope.

Ah well - TV is the future, and Star Wars has so much potential there. The movie did make me want to rewatch 7, 8 & 9 again - so there’s that, anyway. In the end, I think I’ll try to remember 7, 8 & 9 for the high moments and that they continued the rebel fight to the next generation.
JD10367 09:34 PM 12-24-2019
I agree that the movie was well executed but poorly written. And that Abrams was forced to make choices he didn't want in order to fix the choices of TLJ. And that Palpatine was poorly explained and too convenient. But people are complaining about retconning, coincidence, suspension of disbelief, and giant plot holes as if this is something new to sci-fi in general and the SW universe in specific. May I remind you that this whole thing started with an opening scene of a bad guy chasing a ship containing a rebel princess who turns out to be his unknown daughter, along with a robot he built as a child that he seemingly doesn't remember, over a planet where the robots escape into the hands of a young man who turns out to be another unknown child, who happens to hang out with an old guy who happens to be the dude who cut off the bad guy's limbs a few years back?
Hammock Parties 09:47 PM 12-24-2019
Bringing back Palpatine and making Rey a Palpatine is just a bridge too far, though. Especially when they don't even bother to explain either plot point.

Things have to be believable within the scope of the story.
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