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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Duncan Idaho's Compendium of Comprehensive Offseason Plans
duncan_idaho 12:05 PM 01-03-2024
Offseason Plan: Version 5.0

Now with more Chris Jones, for sure, and an understanding of his contract. And Drue Tranquill on contract.

WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling
DE Charles Omenihu (last time, I said this stunk. Hearing him saying today that he thinks he should be paid like the guys in the tier right behind Nick Bosa makes it a pretty no-brainer. He clearly isn’t in a spot to do a small extension. So cut him loose.)

S Justin Reid (4/$49M – I stick to the restructure of Reid in this run. He’s just so solid and good and reliable, and the secondary still needs a veteran leader.)

Tag and Trade
CB L’Jarius Sneed (this time, I send him to the Vikings for #42 because that’s fun)

WR Kadarius Toney (2025 conditional 6th)

Let Walk
Mike Edwards
Derrick Nnadi
Willie Gay
Jerick McKinnon
Clyde Edwards-Helaire
Blake Bell
Richie James
Deon Bush
Tommy Townsend (we don’t need him any more, we have the Dolphin)
Jody Fortson
Prince Tega-Wanogho

Tershawn Wharton (3 years, $9.5M – The DT room is thin even with Jones back, and watching the SB we really saw what I thought was Wharton’s best game. I like having a DT with that burst and speed, and he has clearly gotten much stronger, and he is athletic enough to run some DE snaps in a pinch)
James Winchester (minimal deal)
Malik Herring (ERFA tender)
Jack Cochrane (ERFA tender)
Nazeeh Johnson (ERFA tender)
Mike Caliendo (ERFA tender)

FA Moves
QB Trevor Siemian (1/$1.7M – veteran QB)
DE Yetur Gross-Matos (1/$1.6M – just seems like a good bet for KC as a Spags-type DE who is a Veach reclamation attempt special to boot)
OT Yosh Nijman (2/$12.3M – I just am not comfortable going into the draft with only Wanya Morris and a rookie at LT. Nijman provides a little veteran depth with some upside).

With these deals done, I’m still sitting on about $22M of cap space without restructuring Mahomes at all. I’ve added draft capital and addressed LT insurance/depth with a vet I think can be at least AVERAGE at LT.

I still dive back in at this point for WR Darnell Mooney at 1/$8M , with incentives up to $12M. That still leaves me about $15M in cap space, which I could use to sign draft picks and hunt for June 1 cuts/late FA bargains. I’m tempted to go get Teair Tartt in this cycle but hold off.

Getting into the season without touching Mahomes deal at ALL is going to really help with flexibility in 2025, when it’s going to be needed due to the Jones situation being added to the books.

Needs based on plan so far:
As before, we’re still looking at a pretty set roster that doesn’t have any glaring needs but needs to invest at DT, WR, and LT.

Simulator used: NFL Mock Draft Database (best aggregated big board at this point)

1.32: Kingsley Suamataia, LT, BYU. Suamataia needs seasoning, but his upside is high and he checks the size, arm length, and athleticism boxes to be a good long-term LT for the Chiefs.

2.42: Roman Wilson, WR, Michigan. This might be high
OK, this might be a bit of a reach. But Wilson is someone I haven’t mocked to KC before and I do think his speed, explosiveness, and ability to make cuts at top speed make him a good fit for KC’s offense. With Mooney only signed for one year, Wilson would be on hand with experience under his belt for 2025 and beyond for that role.

Also considered: Xavier Legette, WR, South Carolina. I probably would go here like I did in my last mock, but I wanted to switch it up.

2.64 Sedrick Van Pran, IOL, Georgia. Here’s a new one. I considered dipping for another WR here (hothead Jermain Burton!) but instead stick on the OL. The Jones decision is going to come with consequences on other players, and I may need to account for them. Van Pran can be a stud C or a good G. If Humphrey walks, you’re covered. If Smith walks, you’re covered. If they cut Thuney to keep Smith and Humphrey, you’re covered. If they need to move Humphrey off C because of Snaps, you’re covered.

3.95 McKinnley Jackson, DT, Texas A&M Big bulky dude to help replace Nnadi.

4.131 Brenden Rice, WR, USC. His 40 at the combine was a disappointment, but I still like his size and ability to work the scramble drill. Great bloodlines, great work ethic, and I think he’s faster than his 40.

5.158 Deantre Prince, CB, Ole Miss. I missed on the round 2 and round 3 CB values/fits. His size/speed/athletic profile tracks with the Day 3 gems the Chiefs have been finding. Let’s keep it rolling.

5.172 Isaac Guerendo, RB, Louisville. I am not first to the Guerendo train, but I’m on it. Size/speed combo is great. I doubt he actually makes it here, though.

7.250 Gabe Hall, DT, Baylor. I like Hall’s size and athletic ability. Seemed worthwhile for a Day 3 stab.

Wrapping it up

This will be my last offseason exercise. I’m pretty stoked about where KC lands in this, honestly.

Two-deep (Re-signed,FA adds, rookies)

(2) QB: Mahomes/Siemian
(3) RB: Pacheco/Guerendo/Prince
(6) WR: Rice, Mooney, Wilson/ Watson, Rice, Moore
(3) TE: Kelce/Gray/min contract vet

(2) OT: Nijman/Suamataia

(2) OG: Thuney/Morris
(1) C: Humphrey/Van Pran
(2) RG: Smith/Caliendo
(2) RT: Taylor/Morris

(6) DE: Karlaftis, Anudike-Uzomah, Gross-Matos, Harring, Thompsonsmall contract vet
(5) DT: Jones,Wharton,Farrell, Jackson ,Hall

(5) LB: Bolton, Tranquill, Chenal, Cochrane, Jones

(6) CB: McDuffie, Williams, Watson, Johnson, Jones, Prince
(4) S: Reid, Cook, Conner, inexpensive vet, probably Deon Bush

(1) LS: Winchester
(1) K: Butker
(1) P: The Dolphin

That leaves 1 spot floating if my count is right, probably goes to depth at OL or maybe another DB who is a special teams asset.

The defense still is built around Chris Jones and I know that DE room is going to make some people nervous. I’d be looking for some training camp cuts/late FA additions to beef that spot up some more. The LB corps is still a strong one (and still one of the better ones in the NFL, if not quite as versatile in base with Willie Gay presumably making a lot of money elsewhere), and the secondary is still a strength (probably a little stronger at S in 24 than it was in 23, with Reid, Conner, and Cook, but obviously turning things over at CB).

I’d feel good about the chances for a 3-peat with this one, and I think KC would be the preseason favorite in this run. Defense is still strong, offense got a bunch of help.

Looking ahead to 25, I haven’t addressed Bolton-Humphrey-Smith. In light of the Jones signing and structure, I don’t think they can keep 2 any more. Might just be one… and maybe neither of the OL.

Offseason Plan: Version 4.0

Offseason Plan: Version 3.0


Offseason Plan: Version 2.0


Offseason Plan: Version 1.0

Dunerdr 11:09 AM 01-15-2024
Originally Posted by
I don't like that FAU was inactive in a playoff game.
I think it was more about getting run stuffers on the active roster than FAU off. If mostert and Achane get going it could have been a different ball game. Really glad Pennel was called up.

The dolphins RB's were getting destroyed in the back field. I was at the game and dont have the brain power to fully take in a game in persone when its -28 wind chill, but it seemed like the Dline was doing its job against the run very well.
[Reply] 11:32 AM 01-15-2024
That's true.
duncan_idaho 12:03 PM 01-15-2024
Version 2.0 bump!
Dunerdr 01:54 PM 01-15-2024
I do not care for the part where you said we may be picking lower... other than that I could live with it.
duncan_idaho 03:45 PM 01-15-2024
Originally Posted by Dunerdr:
I do not care for the part where you said we may be picking lower... other than that I could live with it.
Oh. I mean, picking later. Lower in the first round. I think of 1 as high and 32 as low.
The Franchise 04:08 PM 01-15-2024
Farrell at least looks to be the Nnadi replacement next season.
JPH83 12:29 AM 01-16-2024
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
Farrell at least looks to be the Nnadi replacement next season.
I hope they give him an opportunity and we move on from Nnadi. Coburn is playing well in Tennessee it looks like, we need to play these guys.
Couch-Potato 10:20 AM 01-16-2024
I wonder if due to his age and NFL ready physique Legette might be ready to contribute earlier than other WRs in the upcoming draft. I'm a fan of the pick, he'd be a lot of fun in this offense. After that last game I've been wondering if Rice isn't our #1 WR and what we need next to him is a playmaker.

Noticing Byron Murphy is ranked up and down depending on the board.

Having a hard time understanding why Brenden Rice isn't getting more love? Seeing 3rd - 4th RD for him and feels like he'd go higher any other year.

Who you like at backup RB?
Dunerdr 02:21 PM 01-16-2024
Originally Posted by duncan_idaho:
Oh. I mean, picking later. Lower in the first round. I think of 1 as high and 32 as low.
Chris Meck 07:32 PM 01-16-2024
Man, Leggette scares me.

I don't know. what context are you talking about? What's the reason he did nothing for four years and suddenly turned into Calvin Johnson?

Mitchell is a guy I like a lot, also Franklin.
duncan_idaho 10:43 PM 01-16-2024
Originally Posted by Chris Meck:
Man, Leggette scares me.

I don't know. what context are you talking about? What's the reason he did nothing for four years and suddenly turned into Calvin Johnson?

Mitchell is a guy I like a lot, also Franklin.
Combination of injury, COVID, inept coaching with terrible QB play.

But yes, he's risky. Franklin would be a safer stab in the same skillset/fit.
duncan_idaho 03:42 PM 02-03-2024
Updated with version 3.0.

Decided to take a big deviation and trade Sneed, then take a different focus than WR.
Nightfyre 06:03 PM 02-03-2024
Dealing Duncan.
kccrow 07:53 PM 02-03-2024
The reason I opted not to put Darius Robinson in my mocks after I said I might and DJ shot me down, is that I really think he's a pro DE and maybe ideally suited as a 3-4 DE at that. I think we'd be asking him to put on 25-30 pounds to really play DT for us. I just couldn't bring myself to see him as a great schematic fit unless you're 100% throwing in the towel on FAU. I'd be all-in if we didn't take FAU last year. I think we might see Orhororo climb boards later and Brugler already has him going at 43 so my dream in the 2nd is getting less and less likely too.

As for this: 1.32: Trade to Arziona for 2.35, 3.71, 5.160, 7.221...

I don't think you're getting that 3rd in that trade. In fact, I'll just say you absolutely aren't. Looking at a Rich Hill model, you're about spot on with 2.35, 5.160, and 7.221 to make that drop. The Jaguars went from 33 to 27 in 2022 for a 4th and a 6th. Best case is you probably get a 5th and 6th.

I think a 1st is pretty rich for trading Sneed. I've talked about how rare round 1 pick trades are for CBs. I had my trade valued at a 2nd and 3rd with the swap of 1sts and a 2nd going to KC. I felt I might be a little high myself with that.

I'd love to see a re-work with you being a little less overzealous on the trade valuations.

I can say this though, if we had that draft I'd be jumping for joy.

No complaints on FA other than these 2 things: I don't see any way this franchise is letting Tommy walk and I don't think we'd bring in Tart with his apparent issues either but you never know. I like Tart as a player but there's alot there to digest. Moving on from Tommy may seem like a good play from a cap perspective, but we're really talking about saving about 1.2m in year 1 in reality. It's chump change to maintain consistency holding for Butker and he is a pretty freakin good punter.
Dunerdr 09:27 PM 02-03-2024
3.0 leaves me wanting at wr and I’m a little u sure of Robinsons fit right now but I don’t hate it.
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