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Media Center>What are you spinning part 3 (in 3-D)
Coochie liquor 08:02 PM 06-13-2022
So my boy eDave canít make a new thread for reasons... and the part 2 thread is starting to bog down. So here we go with part 3 (in 3-D). Was hoping Scho would take the reigns but alas. It is I who shall bear the Bastard child of What you spinning. So gimme some fyah to jam too. Iíll lead off with one of my current favorites in post 2.
Molitoth 06:26 AM 10-15-2022
I played a show with this guy last night and he was pretty sick if you enjoy synth/darkwave

Mensa Deathsquad
Kansas City

KCUnited 04:17 PM 10-15-2022
The new Mindforce LP

Otter 03:51 PM 10-18-2022
Not a huge Queen fan (Fat Bottom Girls was cool) but a neat little discovery here for the music world:

rabblerouser 05:54 PM 10-25-2022
Beatles Revolver Super Deluxe 5 CD Flac + booklet

Coochie liquor 05:24 PM 10-26-2022

Coochie liquor 05:27 PM 10-26-2022

Coochie liquor 05:30 PM 10-26-2022

rabblerouser 10:01 PM 10-28-2022
Neil Young
Bridge School Benefit 2004
Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, CA

1. Pocahontas
2. Harvest Moon, Journey Through the Past
3. On the Way Home, Human Highway
4. Old King, Comes A Time
5. Four Strong Winds
6. Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Hey Jude

Country Joe & The Fish 1969-11-01, Seattle, WA [FM]
1969-11-01 :: Seattle, Washington :: Eagles Auditorium
FM Broadcast

01. Love
02. Sing Sing Sing
03. Silver & Gold
04. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
05. Babylon
06. The Return Of Sweet Lorraine
07. The Baby Song
08. Rockin' Round The World
09. I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag
10. Ever Since You Told Me That You Love Me (I'm A Nut)
11. Gas Man
12. Crystal Blues
13. The Love Machine ->
14. drums ->
15. Love Machine

Total Time ::: 1:17:40

02 September 2009 - Summerstage @ Central Park - New York, NY [ USA ]
Good Morning Captain *
Make Glad
Soul Singing
Shine Along *
Fork In The River *
Roll Old Jeremiah * -> Jam * ->
Good Friday *
Wiser Time *
I Ain't Hiding
Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
She Gave Good Sunflower
Sister Luck
And The Band Played On
Sting Me
Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love)
- encore -
So Many Times *
Thick N' Thin

* Larry Campbell played; banjo on "Good Morning Captain"; fiddle on "Shine Along";
pedal steel on "Roll Old Jeremiah", "Good Friday", "Wiser Time" & "So Many Times"

19 March 2006 - Shepherd's Bush Empire - London, England [ UK ]
- Set One -
Cursed Diamond
Stare It Cold -> Give Peace A Chance (1st time played)
Jam -> Black Moon Creeping
Cosmic Friend
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
My Morning Song
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
You Don't Miss Your Water
Tied Up And Swallowed
Shake Your Money Maker

- Set Two -
Jam -> Greasy Grass River
She Gave Good Sunflower
Miracle To Me
Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine
Another Roadside Tragedy
High Head Blues
Nonfiction -> Jam
Hard To Handle -> Jam
She Talks To Angels
Twice As Hard
- encore -
Street Fighting Man

The Byrds
Boston Tea Party, Boston Mass
2-22-1969 Soundboard

1st Set (1st CD)

01-intro > You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
02-He Was A Friend of Mine (slight speed change)
03-Old Blue
04-Long Black Veil
05-Goin' Back
06-Get Out of My Life Woman
07-Ballad of Easy Rider
08-Jesus Is Just Alright
09-Tulsa County Blue >
10-Mr. Spaceman
11-Sing Me Back Home
12-This Wheel's On Fire >
13-Hold It & announcer

2nd set (2nd CD)

02-Into > Lay Lady Lay
03-Time Between
04-My Back Pages >
05-Baby What You Want Me To Do?
06-Take A City Bride
07-It's All Over Now Baby Blue
08-Way Beyond The Sun
09-Jesus Is Just Alright
10-Turn! Turn! Turn! >
11-Mr. Tambourine Man >
12-Eight Miles High (severe speed changes)
13-I Shall Be Released (severe speed change)
Break (maybe to fit more of the show on the station master?)
14-Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man
15-Nashville West [instrumental]
16-Fido [cut] (TAPE RUNS OUT?)
FlorentinePogen 10:32 PM 11-01-2022

FlorentinePogen 10:43 PM 11-01-2022

GloucesterChief 11:20 PM 11-01-2022
They were so good live.

HC_Chief 06:19 PM 11-02-2022

BigBeauford 07:37 PM 11-02-2022
This rally racing game I play called Art of Rally features some amazing synthwave tracks:

FlorentinePogen 05:06 PM 11-12-2022

Coochie liquor 05:34 PM 11-12-2022
New WizKid album came out yesterday and holy shit. Doubt many on here even know what AfroBeats is, so this likely falls on deaf ears. But man, this album is fire. Every damn track. At the moment I’m stuck on


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