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Bowser 11:09 AM 01-04-2014
Old one is crapping out the server, per the new guidelines.

Browse the old thread that is chock full of goodness here -
DJJasonp 08:59 PM 01-19-2024
Originally Posted by BigRichard:
I thought this looked pretty good.

Just saw this trailer yesterday. I’m definitely in on this. And “ready or not” (same director) was fantastic!
mikeyis4dcats. 12:17 PM 01-22-2024
Originally Posted by rydogg58:
We watched The Holdovers this past weekend because it was on our brand new Peacock subscription. I didn't have much desire to watch at first, but damn this movie was so sneaky good. Giamatti was excellent in this, and the progressive relationship with Mary and Angus just drew me in. For me it was easily the best movie of 2023.
yeah we stumbled over it. Good flick.
Frazod 04:13 PM 01-26-2024
Originally Posted by Frazod:
This looks like it could be really interesting.

I forgot all about this, and judging by the reviews, that's a good thing. The IMDb ratings are terrible. General consensus seems to be "great idea, horrible execution."
BigBeauford 09:13 AM 02-01-2024
I really am not into the newst MI movie. It's just too goofy, and some of the sequences drag on way too long. Haley Atwell is an absolute dime, but she wasn't great here.
Stryker 08:26 PM 02-01-2024
India's version of John Wick?

Monkey Man

Shiver Me Timbers 04:53 PM 02-03-2024
Watched "Dumb Money" on a flight today. Pretty entertaining.
Buehler445 05:01 PM 02-03-2024
Originally Posted by Shiver Me Timbers:
Watched "Dumb Money" on a flight today. Pretty entertaining.
Meh. Fell flat for me.
Coogs 09:32 AM 02-04-2024
My wife and I went to "Boys in the Boat" last night. Totally enjoyed the movie.
Frazod 12:30 PM 02-04-2024
Finally got around to watching Ford vs. Ferrari last night. Damn that was good.

Perhaps the funniest part was Jason Bourne fighting Batman, only as real middle-aged men. :-)
BWillie 08:17 PM 02-04-2024
Watched Dark Waters today with Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway. Highly recommend
mikeyis4dcats. 09:09 AM 02-05-2024
Argylle was a shit show...boring and overly convoluted.
Buehler445 02:23 PM 02-23-2024
So I've been dog tired and needed to get work done in the office, so I put some stuff on that should have been mindless noise, so I put on some older movies.

I put on Mr and Mrs Smith, I tried the series because I liked this one so much. Yeah, it's cringey, and over the top, but I really friggin like it. It is excellent mindless fun.

I also found Empire Records. I loved it when I was younger and haven't seen it in forever, probably 25 years. There was a lot of stuff going on for me.

1. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOY the 90's were a long time ago.

2. I remembered it being pretty campy and kinda dumb. And it is in some parts. On some level though, it was pretty deep (especially for the time) and has aged pretty well.

The mental health part with Deb trying suicide, the drug stuff with Liv Tyler's character, Renee Zelweger's character using sex as a crutch. If it wasn't 30 years ago, it would probably be called woke. Some of it was campy and handled maybe not super great, but it was interesting to see those issues on screen. I don't remember much from that time addressing any of that.

3. Some of the performances were sneaky good. When Liv Tyler and Zelweger were screaming at each other was pretty good. That's a really tough scene to act and time right. Tyler wasn't very good in several scenes, but Zelweger was sneaky good in a lot of hers. I've notoriously not been the biggest fan of hers through the years, but she was really good in this one.

Speaking of Zelweger, she actually sings pretty well in the last scene. Wasn't expecting that. She's way better than the dude that sings the song.

4. It was a pretty good nostalgia hit on some of those songs.

If you ever liked it, it's not a bad trip down memory lane.
PunkinDrublic 11:54 AM 03-02-2024
I watched Stillwater on Amazon prime the other night. I totally expected it to be a ripoff of taken but it surprised me and I thought Matt Damon did pretty good playing a fish out of water Okie trying to get his daughter out of a French prison. I liked it.
BigRichard 03:37 PM 03-08-2024
This looks fantastic... I love the voice of Archer. Although it would suck to be the lead in a movie where everyone gets to hear your talk but it isn't you.

Rasputin 06:31 AM 03-15-2024

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