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Chieftain 06:05 PM 06-07-2021
I wanted to vent off here about this because it's way overdue. ESPN was once a great sports media back when guys like Stuart Scott, Dan Patrick, Rich Eisen and Kenny Mayne were doing their nightly casts. Or even before that when Bob Ley had just started Outside the Lines. Their main attraction was the iconic Monday Night Countdown with Chris Berman and Tom Jackson. They also aired the very successful NHL 2Night on ESPN2 with John Buccigross and Barry Melrose.

Today, ESPN is heralded by woke trash like Stephen A Smith. Their only great anchor is Mike Greenberg. They got rid of the only watchable football anchor in Trey Wingo. What really annoys me most though is their sports app. Every single time you click on the box score it shows the entire team lineup as if they designed it only for NBA games.:-)
htismaqe 09:40 AM 06-10-2021
Originally Posted by displacedinMN:
I have nothing to add but

Keith Olberman is a fuck wad.

Olberman is a dumbass.
Bearcat 09:49 AM 06-10-2021
Originally Posted by RealSNR:
PTI is and has always been great. Ironically, their success is what helped spawn these incessant clickbait sports talk shows like Skip and First Take, unfortunately. When done well, that kind of stuff is fun and entertaining provided the hosts arenít douchebags.

When itís just done to drum up haters to the latest hot take thing said, thatís when it becomes utter shit
Yep, I liked the roundtable format years ago when there weren't obviously scripted arguments.

Is Wayne Gretzky the greatest hockey player ever? Skip Bayless is going to make up 5 reasons he's not just for the sake of argument!
Deberg_1990 10:22 AM 06-10-2021
Originally Posted by DaneMcCloud:
Brady didn't marry Moynahan; He knocked her up, then left her for Giselle
She was hot as hell in Coyote Ugly
CoMoChief 03:45 PM 06-10-2021
I only watch ESPN if the Chiefs are playing, or perhaps another live event of interest.

Their E60 and 30for30 stuff is usually good.

Other than that, their product is 100% leftist sjw crap.
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