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Rain Man 12:15 AM 03-22-2009
The original post is below in blue, but let's summarize it here based on the past few years.

1. If you're a new player, start with the current Chiefs roster. If you've been playing for a while you'll have your own evolved roster.

2. You can add any free agent that the Chiefs add.

3. You lose any free agent that the Chiefs lose, but only if they were on the Chiefs' roster when you began playing.

4. You can accept or reject any trade the Chiefs make as long as any Chiefs player involved is currently on your roster.

5. You do not get players that the Chiefs draft. You draft your own players, using the same draft picks that the Chiefs have.

6. You can trade down ONE time before the draft or after the draft. If you trade down before the draft, you get up to full value for your pick according to this chart: (Note: this chart was updated in 2022.) If you trade down after the draft, the value of the picks you trade must be discounted by at least 35 percent. Any trade down must involve only the picks of one NFL team, and you cannot receive more than two picks more than you give up. (In other words, if you trade away one draft pick you cannot pick up more than three in return.) The other team's picks also must be picks that they held prior to the opening of the draft.

6. You can trade up ONE time before the draft or after the draft. If you trade up before the draft, you get up to full value for your pick according to this chart: If you trade up after the draft, the value of the picks you trade must be discounted by at least 15 percent. Any trade up must involve only the picks of one NFL team. The other team's picks also must be picks that they held prior to the opening of the draft.

7. By the beginning of the season, you must reduce your total roster to include only 53 players.

Original post: You can ignore this now.


Added Rules and Reminders:

1. Remember that you can draft undrafted rookies, so you don't have to select only guys who were drafted.

2. Anyone can change their rookie draft selections at any time, UNTIL we reach ten days before training camp. At that point, all picks will be locked in.

3. Each team can do ONE trade of draft picks if they like, using this chart: However, if you're trading up, you have to pay 15 percent more than the stated value of the picks you're obtaining. If you're trading down, your pick's value will be discounted by 35 percent.

For example, if you want to trade up from the 20th pick in the 1st to the 10th pick, you can see from the chart that the 20th pick is worth 850 points. The 10th pick is normally 1,300 points, but by paying 15 percent more, it will cost you 1.15*1,300, or 1,495 points.

For example, if you want to trade down from the 20th pick in the 1st and pick up the 10th pick in the 2nd, your 20th pick would normally be worth 850 points, but in this game it will be worth 553 points. The 10th pick in the 2nd is worth 480 points, so you can get 73 points back from the other team.

You can do only ONE draft-pick trade up and ONE draft-pick trade down, and in each case you can only trade with one other team for their own picks. (In other words, you couldn't take the 73 points in the above example from a third team.)

kccrow 11:29 PM 04-29-2023
This draft set up like shit to address my major needs. Ugh-ly.
kccrow 06:46 PM 04-30-2023
Forgot to post this before my hiatus...

I came into this with picks 1-31, 2-63, 3-95, 3-100, 4-134, 5-166, 6-209, 6-217, 7-249, and 7-250.

I am executing a trade up, sending 1-31 (190 pts) and 2-63 (82 pts) with a net of 231.2 pts to the Dallas Cowboys for 1-26 (223 pts) and 5-169 (8 pts) for a net of 231 pts.

I am declining the Chiefs' trade of 3-95 and 6-217 to the Cincinnati Bengals for 3-92

My draft is as follows:

1-26 DT Mazi Smith, Michigan 6'3" 323 (#1-26 by DAL)
One of my major needs coming into this was strengthing my DT spot because I have little depth or long-term viability at the position. Smith is an anchor of a NT that's difficult to move off his spot and should improve as a pass rusher with his burst.

3-95 CB Kelee Ringo, Georgia 6'2" 207 (#4-105 by PHI)
I don't have a tremendous need at CB but I felt like Ringo was a tremendous value here. He has 1st round talent but lacks the overall character to support it. I'm taking a shot that he realizes he's no longer an entitled 5-star recruit and takes to coaching more because he has the opportunity to be a starter as soon as next season.

3-100 OT Carter Warren, Pittsburgh 6'5" 311 (#4-120 by NYJ)
Another need has been solidifying the RT spot. While I might be fine with Raimann and Taylor now, I still want to try to get ahead of the game here with a more solid reserve situation at minimum. I feel like Warren has the opportunity to be a really good player and could even surprise as a starting LT in time.

4-134 DE K.J. Henry, Clemson 6'4" 251 (#5-137 by WAS)
It seems like I take a pass rusher every year in an attempt to approve my depth and so here I am again. I really like the burst Henry shows off the line and he has some decent bend. He'll need to gain some strength and mass and also get a heavy dose of technique work but he's headed into a situation where he doesn't need to be a dude immediately.

5-166 RB Eric Gray, Oklahoma 5'9" 207 (#5-172 by NYG)
Gray reminds me of when I took Aaron Jones in this round 6 years ago. He's a good one-cut runner with a really good burst and solid change of direction to go with solid long-speed. He's also a really solid receiver out the backfield and blocks pretty well as a 3rd-down back.

5-169 WR A.T. Perry, Wake Forest 6'4" 198 (#6-195 by NO)
I'm going to take a shot on living with the drops here because I think Perry has all the tools to be a superstar WR in the NFL. He has a shot to be a major contributor right out the gate and take over for a starter in year two if he can prove to be reliable. Yes please to a 1st-round caliber talent outside of the drops this late.

6-209 DT Dante Stills, West Virginia 6'3" 285 (#6-213 by ARZ)
I really like Stills' ability to get after the QB and be at least a rotational player that could put up some numbers in that regard. He probably fits best as a 3-4 5T and I have the horses now to be flexible in any front.

6-217 FS Anthony Johnson Jr., Iowa State 6'0" 205 (#7-242 by GB)
I don't have a huge need at safety but upgrading my 5th guy is something I'm willing to take a shot in here with a guy that I feel like was an enormous steal. He has corner experience and can cover plus he's a really physical tackler and player. He has solid speed for an NFL safety prospect. Once he gets his angles down pat, I think he'll be a starter sooner than later.

7-249 DT Desjuan Johnson, Toledo 6'2" 285 (#7-259 by LAR)
Johnson is very much like Stills, showing the ability to get quite a bit of pressure on the QB. If I've done anything this draft late, it's to stock the room with guys that can go get it and maybe develop into more, especially as 3-4 ends.

7-250 DT Jerrod Clark, Coastal Carolina 6'4" 334 (UDFA by LAC)
Clark is a stab at a reserve NT for me. I think he was more than a draftable prospect so falling to UDFA status has me perplexed. I've made it my mission to at least try a Veach-style restock and I'm doing so on my DL where I've had far too many misses recently with guys like Blacklock and Nixon being turds.

I'll accept all UDFAs KC signs for my training camp roster.

The roster at this point:

QB Patrick Mahomes II D1-10/17 (KC)
QB Blaine Gabbert KC FA/23

RB Aaron Jones D5-180/17 (GB)
RB Tyler Allgeier D4-135/22 (ATL)
RB Eric Gray D5-166/23 (NYG)
RB Jerick McKinnon KC FA/23
RB Deneric Prince KC UDFA/23

TE Travis Kelce
TE Cade Otton D3-103/22 (TB)
TE Noah Gray D5-162/21 (KC)
TE Tyrick James KC UDFA/23
TE Jamal Turner KC UDFA/23

WR Donovan Peoples-Jones D5-177/20 (CLE)
WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling KC FA/22
WR Tyler Boyd D2-37/16 (CIN)
WR Gabriel Davis D4-125/20 (BUF)
WR Justyn Ross D7-251/22 (KC)
WR Richie James KC FA/23
WR A.T. Perry D5-169/23 (NO)
WR Sean Coyne KC UDFA/23
WR Ty Scott KC UDFA/23
WR Nikko Remigio KC UDFA/23
WR James Letcher Jr KC UDFA/23
WR Zane Pope KC UDFA/23

LT Bernhard Raimann D2-62/22 (IND)
LG Joe Thuney KC FA/21
OC Erik McCoy D2-48/19 (NO)
RG Trey Smith D6-221/21 (KC)
RT Jawaan Taylor KC FA/23
OT Carter Warren D3-100/23 (NYJ)
OT Donovan Smith KC FA/23
OT Josh Ball D4-136/21 (DAL)
OT Rasheed Walker D7-233/22 (GB)
OG Teven Jenkins D1-31/21 (CHI)
OC Bradley Bozeman D6-198/18 (CAR)
OC Connor McGovern D4-126/16 (NYJ)
OL Jerome Carvin KC UDFA/23
OL Anderson Harvy KC UDFA/23
OL Blake Haynes KC UDFA/23

DL Justin Madubuike D2-64/20 (BAL)
DL Mazi Smith D1-31/23 (DAL)
DL Zach Sieler D7-219/18 (MIA)
DL Charles Omenihu KC FA/23
DL Ross Blacklock D1-32/20 (MIN)
DL Daviyon Nixon D4-144/21 (CAR)
DL Dante Stills D6-209/23 (ARZ)
DL Desjuan Johnson D7-249/23 (LAR)
DL Jerrod Clark D7-250/23 (LAC)
DL Byron Cowart KC FA/23
DL Tershawn Wharton KC FA/20

ER Matt Judon D4-129/16 (NE)
ER George Karlaftis D1-30/22 (KC)
ER K.J. Henry D4-134/23 (WAS)
ER Ogbonnia Okoronkwo D5-159/18 (CLE)
ER Jeffrey Gunter D7-243/22 (CIN)
ER Truman Jones KC UDFA/23

LB Cole Holcomb D5-167/19 (PIT)
LB Logan Wilson D2-63/20 (CIN)
LB Drue Tranquill KC FA/23
LB Leo Chenal D3-94/22 (KC)
LB Isaiah McDuffie D6-208/21 (GB)
LB Cam Jones KC UDFA/23
LB Isaiah Moore KC UDFA/23

CB L'Jarius Sneed D4-138/20 (KC)
CB Paulson Adebo D2-63/21 (NO)
CB Byron Murphy D1-29/19 (MIN)
CB Kelee Ringo D3-95/23 (PHI)
CB Christian Benford D5-173/22 (BUF)
CB Nazeeh Johnson D7-259/22 (KC)
CB Alonzo Davis KC UDFA/23
CB Anthony Witherstone KC UDFA/23
CB Reese Taylor KC UDFA/23

DB Jessie Bates III D2-52/18 (ATL)
DB Justin Reid KC FA/22
DB Amani Hooker D4-116/19 (TEN)
DB Mike Edwards KC FA/23
DB Anthony Johnson Jr. D6-217/23 (GB)
DB Tarvarius Moore D3-86/18 (GB)
DB Martez Manuel KC UDFA/23
DB Anthony Cook KC UDFA/23
DB Isaiah Norman KC UDFA/23

SK Harrison Butker KC FA/17
SP Tommy Townsend KC FA/20
LS James Winchester
SP Jake Gerardi KC UDFA/23
Kellerfox 02:11 PM 05-01-2023
Working on mine.

I know what I want to do prospect wise, but can't make the bloody trades work without breaking the rules. I know there's a way, I just need keep digging to find it.
Kellerfox 11:21 PM 05-01-2023
Originally Posted by Kellerfox:
Working on mine.

I know what I want to do prospect wise, but can't make the bloody trades work without breaking the rules. I know there's a way, I just need keep digging to find it.
Well, after more hours spent than I care to admit the last two nights trying to find a trade combo that would get me everything I want… I just couldn’t find a way to make it work with the two trade limit and 35% discount. However, I got pretty damn close. I really wanted one more pick. What I would have done if I had been able to translate some of my wasted points into another pick…

If before 114 - Chandler Zavala, OG, NC State
If 114-123 - Cameron Young, DT, Miss. State
If 124-190 - Luke Wuppertal, OC, Ohio State

Alright, without further ado…
Kellerfox 11:29 PM 05-01-2023

Tacoma Trash Panda original 2023 Draft Picks:




TTP sends: #95 (40 points), #100 (34 points), 134 (17 points), 217 (3 points), 249 (1 point), and 250 (1 point)

TTP outgoing picks total = 84 points (98 points x 15% discount)

TTP receives from the Colts: #79 (57 points), #138 (16 points), #162 (9 points), and #236 (2 points)

TTP incoming picks total = 84 points

Note: all picks held by Colts prior to the draft


Tacoma Trash Panda FINAL 2023 Draft Picks:

Kellerfox 11:43 PM 05-01-2023

As stated previously, I am emphasizing diversification of my roster from KC. As a result, I made the commitment to not select any players that the Chiefs also drafted.

A key focus for me this year was infusing new talent into my defense. I do have a few holes on offense, but Im going to trust Patrick Mahomes to cope with the deficiencies for another year.

Tacoma Trash Panda 2023 Draft Selections:

1-31: Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn State (Steelers @ #32)
Considering that I’m currently starting Fenton and Mike Hughes at CB, I desperately need some help. Porter couldn’t have asked for a better landing spot in Pittsburgh that will allow him to develop into an elite corner.

2-63: Drew Sanders, ILB, Arkansas (Broncos @ #67)
Drew is a versatile linebacker who is poised to take over sooner rather than later in Denver. Although not as high of a ceiling as some of his other round 1-3 ILB counter parts, Drew offers a high floor which the Trash Pandas desperately need.

3-79: Ji’Ayir Brown, S, Penn State (49ers @ #87)
Brown is able to play either safety position and brings a skill set that will allow him to flourish in the NFL. My trade up was predicated specifically on getting Brown. He will also be a starter in San Francisco sooner rather than later.

4-122: Isaiah McGuire, DE, Missouri (Browns @ #126)
A developmental edge. McGuire has solid bend and is serviceable against the run. Extremely excited to add him as a mid round prospect.

4-138: Darius Rush, CB, South Carolina (Colts @ #138)
More CB help. ‘Nuff said.

5-162: Chase Brown, RB, Illinois (Bengals @ #163)
I like Brown. I like Joe Mixon’s legal troubles even more. Brown will give me RB depth in the event that Breece Hall is slow to return and/or CEH is cut.

6-166: Trey Palmer, WR, Nebraska (Buccaneers @ #191)
Great under rated talent that I expect to flourish. Taking a shot at a day 3 steal.

6-178: AT Perry, WR, Wake Forest (Saints @ #195)
Crow, who also took Perry, summarized the value add best. Perry went almost 100 picks later than I expected, I’m happy to take a shot this late.

6-209: Dante Stills, DT, West Virginia (Cardinals @ #213)
Absolute mountain in the middle and poised to see early playing time in Arizona.

6-236: Corey Trice, CB, Purdue (Steelers @ #241)
More corner help, ‘nuff said.
Rain Man 01:03 PM 05-03-2023
Okay, so we'll adjust the rules to this:

1. If you accepted a trade for a player or drafted a player, you can keep that player even if he walks from his team in free agency.

2. You lose anyone who gets cut from the Chiefs if they're on your roster.

Rule 1 takes precedence over Rule 2. (Example: I drafted Brandon Williams as a Raven, so even when he became a Chief I could keep him if he gets cut.)
Rain Man 01:20 PM 05-03-2023
Okay, my initial available picks are as follows:

3-100. I will trade this pick for Kardarius Toney.
4-122. I don't have this pick since I never had Tyreek.
6-178. I don't have this pick since I never had Tyreek.
6-209. I will trade this pick for Kadarius Toney.
6-217. (Comp)
7-250. (Comp)

Regarding the Chiefs' draft day trades:

I cannot trade picks No. 63, 122, and 249 to the Lions, receiving picks No. 55 and No. 194 in return, because I don't have the 122 pick.

I cannot trade the #178 pick to Dallas for their 2024 5th round pick since I don't have the #178

I'm pondering whether to trade Pick 95 and 217 for Pick #92. I'll decide as I make my draft decisions.
Rain Man 04:17 PM 05-03-2023
I present to you my 2023 draft.

1 – 31. CB Joey Porter (Steelers). I need to add some cornerback strength, and even though it’s not my most pressing need, Porter seems like good value here. He’ll turn my declining CB situation back into a strength.

Also considered: DE Felix Anudike-Uzomah, QB Will Levis, trade down for DT Keeanu Benton

2-63. DT Zacch Pickens (Bears). I’m desperate for defensive tackles and he falls perfectly to my spot in the draft.

Also considered: Didn’t strongly consider anyone else. Kicked the tires on QB Hendon Hooker and DT Byron Young.

3-95 – DT Adetomiwa Adebawore (Colts) Again, DT is a major need for us, and he’s an athlete, even if a bit undersized. There are several viable DT prospects, but we think he’s the best bet. Strongly considered Wooden here for the LB need, too.

Also considered: LB Colby Wooden, DT Siaki Ika, DT Brodric Martin, QB Jake Haener

3-100. Traded for WR Kardarius Toney.

4-134. QB Aidan O’Connell (Raiders). I really wanted to draft Mike Morris here, but I have no depth at QB and figured I should draft a developmental guy with potential.

Also considered: DE Mike Morris, LB Noah Sewell

5-166. ILB Henry To’oTo’o (Texans). Lots of choices here, but To’oTo’o seemed like the top talent and he fills a need. This was an easy choice despite liking a number of other options. I pondered trading down to add more picks in this range because I like a bunch of guys here.

Also considered: LB Owen Pappoe, S JL Skinner, DT Keondre Coburn, WR AT Perry, WR Xavier Hutchinson, WR Andrei Iosivas, DT Dante Stills, RB Zach Evans

6-209. Traded for Kadarius Toney.

6-217. (Comp) TE Zack Kuntz (Jets). I’m taking a flyer here. I don’t mind having more TE depth, and people were talking him up. I strongly considered McIntosh here.

Also considered: RB DeWayne McBride, DT Nesta Jade Silvera, RB Kenny McIntosh.

7-249. DT Moro Ojomo (Eagles). I’ll continue my emphasis on filling DT roster spots here.

Also considered: None, really. Ojomo filled my needs better than anyone else remaining in the last nine picks. I took a look at Ronnie Bell and Nic Jones.

7-250. (Comp). LB Ivan Pace (undrafted, signed as FA by Vikings). I continue to like Pace even though he dropped completely out of the draft for some reason. I’ll sign him and give him a chance to compete.

Also considered: DT PJ Mustipher, DT Jacob Slade, S Brandon Joseph
Rain Man 04:19 PM 05-03-2023
I always do my draft before looking at others' drafts. It's interesting that keller and crow both drafted Dante Stills. I liked him and almost traded down my 4th rounder to pick up a late 5th and 6th, which would've been him and one of the 5th rounders I liked. I figured that ethically I needed to get a third QB, though, so I held off.
Kellerfox 01:15 PM 05-04-2023
Pickens and Abedawore are great value - both made my consideration list, but ultimately I couldn't wait any longer for a CB, ILB, and S. I had to get one of each on my first three picks.
kccrow 03:00 PM 05-05-2023
Tweaked mine a touch, deciding to go with Carter Warren and Anthony Johnson instead of accepting the Chiefs' trade up.

Cutdowns are going to be difficult this year. Feeling like my roster is pretty damned good.
kccrow 10:54 AM 05-10-2023
I'm strongly advocating for another rule change for 2024.

The penalty for a post-draft trade down is changed at least to 25% instead of 35%.

I understand that we should be penalized because we get the benefit of hindsight, but right now we lose the value of a very high 3rd round pick trading down out of the bottom of the 1st (approximately pick #72). That means a trade down from 31 puts us at pick #48. A change to 25% would instead put us at a loss in value of a lower 3rd-round pick (approximately pick #87) and would mean a trade down from 31 puts us at pick #42.

This would at least allow us to trade down to the middle of round 2 (say pick 48) and pick up a 4th with it. This is far more reasonable than the current situation where we'd have to drop from R1 to the bottom of 2 in order to pick up any other pick as compensation for the trade-out.

I'd be more in favor of 20% but that might be pushing my luck.

Under the current format, a trade-down is so out of the realm of reality that it makes it moot.
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