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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>The Julio Two-Step
Direckshun 07:06 AM 05-10-2021
So I don't know much about things, but I do know three things.

1. The Chiefs have a hole at #2 WR.
2. The Falcons are looking to trade Julio Jones.
3. The Chiefs are, clearly, not interested in losing any 2022 picks. Which, duh, because that class is going to be amazing.

That being said, we know the Chiefs can do pick swaps, as a way to handing over value but keeping the same number of bullets in the chamber.

What's the priciest pick swap you're comfortable with doing for Julio, if any?

Are you willing to fork over a 2nd for a 4th + Julio?

A 3rd for a 5th + Julio?

Are you willing to fork over a 2nd for a 3rd, a 4th + Julio?

How creative are you willing to get.
htismaqe 02:05 PM 06-16-2021
Originally Posted by Kellerfox:
We know some of the skeletons in the closet (which are bad), but there's got to be something worse. He's interviewed with 1/3rd of the league at this point. For them to all pass on an energetic, charismatic, minority coach who is loved by his players means that the unknown skeletons have to be pretty effin bad.

The known incidents from his time at CU are enough to make a team think twice... But I think someone would be willing to gamble on him if that was it.
Well, it came out this past cycle that he's a terrible interview, not very well organized, and doesn't really have a "vision" or plan.

I think it's apparent that he's one of those guys that is a leader but not a manager.
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