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Stryker 12:08 AM 10-10-2021
This chick is probably 14 years old.. Ram it Down one of Glenn Tipton's BEST!

Stryker 12:17 AM 10-10-2021
Understand, this is one of Glenn Tipton's hardest solos. This chick is mastering it on a Hammer knock off guitar! Incredible!
lcarus 08:29 AM 10-10-2021
Great song and god damn she nailed it.
Bowser 06:59 PM 10-11-2021
She's looks bored, lol
GloucesterChief 07:46 PM 10-11-2021
Japanese students typically do after school club activities. For boys it is mostly sports. For girls mostly other less active things like music. There are a lot of talented female musicians in Japan for this reason.
Demonpenz 07:46 PM 10-11-2021
would break the law
Mennonite 08:07 AM 10-12-2021
would unleash in the east