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Patteeu Memorial Political Forum>Purposeful media bias thread
Taco John 04:56 PM 04-18-2017
This thread is to chronicle the purposeful media bias that exists in every day life.
Just Passin' By 06:31 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by displacedinMN:
aaaannddddd fired

"I'm going to fuck over my bosses via recordings" seems like a fun sort of resignation letter, though.
Easy 6 06:37 PM Yesterday
It better be good or you're kaput, missy
Just Passin' By 07:21 PM Yesterday

Just Passin' By 07:29 PM Yesterday

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer used an outmoded word to refer to developmentally disabled children during a recent podcast appearance

— POLITICO (@politico) June 14, 2021

I'm a lifelong liberal voter, but I have to ask:

Why is it that for Schumer we're saying "outmoded" word, when if a Republican said it, we'd be saying "offensive" word?

— KellyInPA (@SteppingBackOut) June 14, 2021

Just Passin' By 07:32 PM Yesterday
I'm not sure how much of this is Chait being a biased reporter (and that's certainly the case), and how much of this is Chait being an idiot (and that's certainly also the case):

Jonathan Chait is disgusted that Rand Paul would ‘openly attack democracy’ by pointing out that majority rule can be a very bad thing

But let's note that Chait is not alone.

‘Neither were our Founders, dipsh*t’: Chris Cillizza’s dig at Rand Paul for ‘not being a big fan of democracy’ goes OH so very wrong
Just Passin' By 07:36 PM Yesterday
And then there's this idiot, who's a "Senior national correspondent"

ABC News’ Terry Moran asks if there’s any doubt that the Senate GOP would end the filibuster ‘in a heartbeat’ if they wanted to, and who’d like to tell him?
Bump 10:42 PM Yesterday
libshits supported withholding possible cures so their party can gain more political power

BlackOp 11:35 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Bump:

All I have to say is people are fucking stupid....dangerously stupid.
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