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Patteeu Memorial Political Forum>"Covid" Deaths Over-reported by 50%?
MahomesMagic 12:11 PM 06-06-2021

If confirmed, this would imply that Covid fatalities are over-reported by ~50%, since there have only been 286K Covid fatalities involving pneumonia.

Sample size of this study is very small but roughly in-line with the study from Alameda county which showed 25% overcount.

— PLC (@Humble_Analysis) June 6, 2021

"our detailed analyses might suggest that the SARS-CoV-2 spreading beyond the respiratory tract does not induce any major pathology…at least in fatal cases”

Multisystemic cellular tropism of SARS-CoV-2 in autopsies of COVID-19 patients
Dickson W.L. Wong, Barbara M. Klinkhammer, Sonja Djudjaj, Sophia Villwock, M. Cherelle Timm, Eva M. Buhl, Sophie Wucherpfennig, Claudio Cacchi, Till Braunschweig, Ruth Knüchel-Clarke, Danny Jonigk, Christopher Werlein, Roman D. Bülow, Edgar Dahl, Saskia von Stillfried, Peter Boor

Finally, apart from the lung, correlation of virus detection and histopathological assessment did not reveal any specific alterations that could be attributed to SARS-CoV-2. Conclusion: SARS-CoV-2 could be observed in virtually all organs, colocalizing with ACE2 and TMPRSS2 mainly in epithelial but also in mesenchymal and endothelial cells, and viral replication was found across all organ systems. Apart from the respiratory tract, no specific (histo-)morphologic alterations could be assigned to the SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Raiderhader 05:49 PM 06-11-2021
Originally Posted by NJChiefsFan27:
That Covid deaths are being falsified by hospitals to make money.
Not just deaths, cases in general. And the fact that leftists such as yourself who rail against big business as evil and greedy suddenly have the utmost faith in a big business to not attempt to pull in some additional income for any reason but, especially in the face of lost revenues, I know things are not on the up and up. That’s just life experience.

[QUOTE]Who cares? This is a once in a lifetime pandemic and a disease that spreads before people even realize they have it. The old policy of ignoring the threat of asymptomatic transmission is going to end badly.

Who cares? WTF do you mean who cares? The people who lost everything because a handful of elites determined they were not “essential”. The people who are going to find out they have cancer too late to stop it and die from it are probably going to care. The long standing guidelines are long standing guidelines for a reason, so you follow them and then if it is determined they are not working you can then start thinking about getting creative. To just up and abandon them with out cause and randomly try something different is not just reckless, it is dangerous.

[QUOTE]Give me a break. Conservatives have been skeptical of any and all measures to control the virus. MTG compares mask mandates to the Holocaust while Tucker Carlson says that children wearing masks is akin to child abuse. Even the vaccines, which are essentially a magic bullet to curing the country of this pandemic, aren't widely supported by Republicans and the places that voted for Trump are consistently the areas with the lowest vaccination rates.[QUOTE]

* The incorrect measure is chosen to “slow the spread” (quarantine instead of isolation)

* Masks are mandated even though countless studies over the years have shown their effect is minimal at best in these situations (and they even say on the fucking box they come in they are not intended to stop a virus for crying out loud).

* Several of our political leaders were so “scared” of this virus they were telling us to be scared of that they violated their own safety regulations

* The George Floyd “peaceful protests” some how were immune to the virus as social distancing and masking were suddenly not THAT big of deal but, only if you were a protestor (or the aforementioned politicians)

* Our first cases in this country were taking place in nursing homes yet, armed with this knowledge Governors like Cuomo were knowingly and intentionally sending people who had been infected back into nursing homes CAUSING deaths

* Messaging has been wildly inconsistent across the board

* The follow the science crowd has not only failed to follow the science on quarantine/isolation measures and over-sold the scientific results of masking, they have taken the extremely unscientific approach of silencing and labeling as dangerous anyone who comes forth with a different take, a different theory, different findings. Science is supposed to be open to all possibilities but, for some odd reason not in this case…

Golly gee, I can’t imagine why anyone would be skeptical of what has been pushed upon us.

Frankly, anyone who isn’t the least bit skeptical is so dumb that I don’t know how they breath on their own.

Originally Posted by :
I don't subscribe to nationalism or look at the world through the lens of good vs evil. Things are a lot more complicated and nuanced than that. I'm just pointing out that conservatives purport to view America as a great nation but appear to view half the country as evil and immoral.
It is not hating half the country when said half has openly abandoned the founding principals that turned an upstart group of colonies into the mightiest and most prosperous nation in history. YOU have turned your back on US. Opposing with extreme prejudice your sick, hateful march to remake the country in the form of an ideology that does the exact opposite of what our system does is not hating half of America, it’s ferociously loving it.

Originally Posted by :
What seems clear to me is that the right is interested in preserving myths about equality and freedom rather than actually doing anything to advance those ideals. They want to sweep under rug our complicated history of slavery, civil rights, and overthrowing foreign governments. Rather than learning about these things and drawing lessons from them, the right wants to erase this history from our public consciousness and shout empty slogans that are supposed to appear patriotic. The left at least attempts to uphold some of ideals of the founders such as "all men are created equal". Those words aren't true simply because they were written on a document otherwise the people who wrote them wouldn't have owned slaves. It is something we are supposed to strive to uphold and when we are falling short we need to understand why and work to correct it.

In other words you enjoy being wilfully ignorant. Why should anybody give your opinion any weight?
:-) The people who are actively attempting to erase our history through the tearing down of names and statues dedicated to that history are taking the position that it is the other side that wants to erase it. I mean this is as fine as an example of leftist projection as one can find. How is the party that abolished slavery afraid to talk about it? It is your party that was engaged in the racist practice.

But that is why the disappearing of names and statues is really taking place, the vast majority of them were democrats. The preservation of history you claim to want is a rather edited version, not the full story. Just the part of the story that you can use to try and make everyone feel guilty and ashamed of something they weren’t even alive for. Fuck off you duplicitous cocksucker.
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