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Hall of Classics>***** The Official Chiefs vs Eagles super bowl game day thread*****
big nasty kcnut 12:00 AM 02-12-2023
lets do this.

Passing Yards

P. Mahomes
435-648, 5250 YDS, 41 TD, 12 INT

J. Hurts
306-460, 3701 YDS, 22 TD, 6 INT
Rushing Yards

I. Pacheco
170 CAR, 830 YDS, 5 TD

M. Sanders
259 CAR, 1269 YDS, 11 TD
Receiving Yards

T. Kelce
110 REC, 1338 YDS, 12 TD

A.J. Brown
88 REC, 1496 YDS, 11 TD

This is the end for you Eagles. Time to bend the knees and acknowledge your Super Chiefs! Let's win it for Len dawson the original Super Chiefs
Iconic 12:11 AM 02-12-2023
in. fuck philly
ChiefsCountry 12:11 AM 02-12-2023
Nut for the Super Bowl win!
007 12:11 AM 02-12-2023

MMXcalibur 12:11 AM 02-12-2023
This sounds like one of those "must-win" type of games.
comochiefsfan 12:11 AM 02-12-2023
Itís all been building up to this for Patrick Mahomes.

This is the capstone to this chapter of his career.

Not since 1999 has a QB won the MVP and the Super Bowl in the same year.

Itís going to happen tonight.

And it could only happen with this quarterback, in this season, after the slump last season, to the chattering in the offseason about how he was going to take a step back, be usurped, be reduced to a mere mortal.

This is the season that he proved that he isnít a mortal. This is the game that is going to define his career.

We are all going to be witnesses tonight to something special.

I canít wait. Letís fucking go.
DaFace 12:12 AM 02-12-2023
duncan_idaho 12:12 AM 02-12-2023
Jason Kelce: ďfriends to the end, right Trav?Ē

Travis Kelce: ď This is the end, friendÖĒ

Letís fucking go!
TomBarndtsTwin 12:12 AM 02-12-2023
Another thread soon to be added to the Hall of Classics . . . . . .

Kman34 12:12 AM 02-12-2023
Fate whispered to the warrior: This is your final test. You will not prevail...

The warrior replied: My brothers are by my side.... I will not fail..

Easy 6 12:13 AM 02-12-2023

big nasty kcnut 12:13 AM 02-12-2023
I feel like that guy in 2001 when he ask what going to happen dave tells him something wonderful.
Rasputin 12:16 AM 02-12-2023
I'm going BBQ Eagle and a pork tender loin

I saved tears from all the crying Bengals fans and I'm going have a nice batch of BBQ sauce I'm afraid it's going be bitter and salty but that's the way I like it.
Easy 6 12:17 AM 02-12-2023
Originally Posted by Rasputin:
:-) holy shit that bird means biznazz
kccrow 12:17 AM 02-12-2023

Stryker 12:22 AM 02-12-2023
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