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In Memoriam>RIP Saccopoo
Sorter 06:45 PM 05-16-2016
It appears that our friend Saccopoo has lost his battle with a cancerous brain tumor.

RIP friend!

TigeRRUppeRRcut 01:30 PM 02-24-2017
That's definitely him. RIP Sacc
Halfcan 01:31 PM 02-24-2017
What a shame- he was so young.

One of my favorite posters.

RIP Bud.
Renegade 01:35 PM 02-24-2017
Originally Posted by stumppy:
RIP sac. Wish you would have got to see our team win it all.
None of us will ever get to see that.
TEX 01:36 PM 02-24-2017
Very sad. RIP Friend.
Squalor2 01:38 PM 02-24-2017
sad. rest in peace.
Lumpy 01:42 PM 02-24-2017
Heartbreaking news about Sacc. :-)

RIP, sir.
TimBone 01:44 PM 02-24-2017
Originally Posted by 'Hamas' Jenkins:
That really sucks. Sacc was able to move effortlessly between good-natured trolling and intelligent insight, and he handled his illness with grace and dignity.

I will miss him.
This probably says it best.

Damn. RIP, Sac.
Fansy the Famous Bard 01:45 PM 02-24-2017
RIP Sac.:-)
Titty Meat 01:46 PM 02-24-2017
Fuck. RIP Sac
ChiliConCarnage 01:49 PM 02-24-2017
RIP brother. See you on the flip side
dls6501 01:51 PM 02-24-2017
RIP Sacc. Didnt have the pleasure of having many interactions with you, but you will be missed.
Coogs 01:52 PM 02-24-2017
Damn! One of my favorite posters. Loved his draft stuff. Here's hoping some year we finally draft someone from Utah! RIP Sac!
mikeyis4dcats. 01:59 PM 02-24-2017
here's to hoping he really was banging all those chicks...RIP Drew
Buehler445 02:00 PM 02-24-2017
Fuck Cancer.

RIP, Sacc.
Lonewolf Ed 02:09 PM 02-24-2017
Originally Posted by Chromatic:
Yeah, I think that's him.

Sucks. RIP.
When he PMed me, he ended with the name Drew...
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