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Hammock Parties 12:33 PM 05-21-2021

Originally Posted by :
Plot and character details have still been kept tightly under wraps, until now. The Illuminerdi can exclusively reveal the roles of Mads Mikkelsen and Shaunette Renée Wilson. And on top of that, when the next installment of the Indiana Jones franchise will take place.

According to our sources, Mads Mikkelsen will be playing the villain in this new installment of Indiana Jones. His character is described to us as a Nazi scientist enlisted into NASA by the United States government to work on the space agency’s moon landing initiative.

Shaunette Renee Wilson will be playing Mads Mikkelsen’s villain’s CIA handler responsible for “babysitting” the Nazi scientist turned NASA recruit. There will also be a female villain, “an evil and brutal killer” who will work with Mads Mikkelsen’s character. According to our sources, Scarlett Johansson actually passed on this role previously.

Mads Mikkelsen’s character’s description not only reveals that he will be the villain of Indiana Jones 5, but when the franchise’s next installment will be taking place.

The next Indiana Jones adventure would logically be set during the 1960s space race. NASA’s Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969, so it wouldn’t be a shock for the film to be set later in the 1960s, especially since the fourth Indiana Jones film was set in 1957. And in classic Indiana Jones fashion it looks like our hat wearing, whip wielding, archeologist will have another chance to punch some Nazis, with Mikkelsen’s villain being a former scientist for Hitler’s Reich.

DaneMcCloud 02:29 PM 06-15-2021
Originally Posted by Mennonite:
I don't think I can recall seeing any H. Rider Haggard covers that reminded me of Indy. Ones published before Raiders I mean. Stewart Granger had a "slouch" hat in King Solomon's Mines and I've seen some covers that had a similar look to his, but nothing that looked like Indy or Charlton Heston for that matter.
They wore sand colored outfits with hats. Leather jackets came later.

Hell, we saw a treasure hunter wearing the same garb (Panama hat, leather jacket) in 1912 in the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

It wasn't a unique look to 1954.
Mennonite 02:36 PM 06-15-2021
Originally Posted by DaneMcCloud:

Hell, we saw a treasure hunter wearing the same garb (Panama hat, leather jacket) in 1912 in the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

I'm not following you here. It doesn't really matter though.

So are there any good Indiana Jones clones? Movies that either inspired or were inspired by Indy? Like Firewalker, the two Richard Chamberlain Allan Quatermain movies from the 80s, Romancing the Stone, San Fernando Jones and the Temple of Poon (2000).

I like several movies that took place during the British Raj but I don't know if I would say any of them are really all that similar to Temple of Doom. A few that I like:

Stranglers of Bombay
The Four Feathers (all versions are good though I'm partial to the one from 1939)
The Brigand of Kandahar
The Deceivers
North West Frontier
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935)
DaneMcCloud 02:37 PM 06-15-2021
Originally Posted by Mennonite:
I'm not following you here.
The opening scene of the movie in which the treasure hunter hands Indy his Panama hat.

Here's an ad from the early 40's:

DaneMcCloud 02:41 PM 06-15-2021
Here's an ad from the 1930's:

DaneMcCloud 02:43 PM 06-15-2021
Jimmy Cagney in 1948

And another 1930's ad:

DaneMcCloud 02:45 PM 06-15-2021
And one more from the 1930's

Mennonite 03:01 PM 06-15-2021
White Heat is a great movie. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye is anotehr good one that Cagney did in that period that people don't seem to talk about as much.

Secret of the Incas is on Youtube for anyone interested:

Hammock Parties 08:54 AM 06-23-2021

As long as it's not a leg or a hip we good.

Ford sacrifices a body part for every remake.

The Force Awakens - ankle.
Blade Runner 2049 - hand.
Indiana Jones V - shoulder.

— Joe Delaney Memorial Highway Project (@ClayWendler) June 23, 2021

sully1983 02:23 PM 06-23-2021

smdh this is just sad at this point. Really wishing Harrison Ford a speedy full recovery but damn he is seriously up there in age and doesn't seem cut out for these action roles (his injuries are proof of that).

While I have my doubts about Indy 5 overall, it does have a few things going for it. For one, Mangold is directing it. He is a flat out awesome director and did a great job directing Logan (outstanding send off for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine/X-Men character).
Another thing that caught my eye was the casting of Boyd Holbrook ( a really good / underrated young American actor that played one of the main villains in Logan)

He was also awesome on Netflix's hit show called Narcos.
Hammock Parties 02:40 PM 06-23-2021
They should make it really good and actually kill him ONSCREEN!!!
Deberg_1990 05:17 PM 06-23-2021
Maybe they should have gone with Chris Pratt?
Hammock Parties 08:42 AM 06-25-2021
Surgery for Ford.
Hammock Parties 02:35 PM 07-01-2021
Hammock Parties 12:38 PM 07-02-2021

Bowser 04:17 PM 07-02-2021
Rub some dirt on it you gritty old bastard and get back to shooting.
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